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    the primal blue print says eat under 100 carbs daily for weightloss. My question is do you experience more weight loss the lowerer you go on the carbs...and if so whats the science behind that? I wonder because I see people say they eat no carbs or like under 20 a day and I just wonder the benefits to that.

    Oh, also I have a fat question! Everyone says they eat a high percentage of does the fat assist with weightloss? Just to keep you full or in other ways? Thanks ahead of time for any insight!

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    I'll do what i can.

    Lowering the carbs prevents insulin from going into your system. Insulin acts as a regulator and will either lower the amount of fat you use as energy supply or increase it. The variable is the carbs you put in your body. Carbs have to be insulinized so if you don't give your self carbs you don't insulinize your blood stream and your body can keep using fat as fuel.

    Eating a high percentage of fat is to aid you in keeping your body fueled. You need something right. People new to this have to cut the carbs and increase the fat and through time the body will change from a carb burning machine to a fat burning machine. For this to happen you have to adjust you insulin levels and to do that you want to cut the carbs. your body weight in grams of carbs is one step, then sub 100 grams is another step, for what around here is called extreme fat loss 50 grams of carbs a day or less is of high value.

    Active lifestyle of enjoyable activities out doors, 2 resistance workouts a week and one day where you run your face off like a little kid springing for an interval of about 6 mins and you have your self some new guidelines. Privacy for this is often found after a song or two are listened to on an mp3 player while walking deeper into a local park.

    PS i'm not primal and haven't read the book so i may be a little off. Regardless applying what I've shared works to achieve weight loss.


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      Thank you that was very helpful!

      Anyone who uses this diet want to chime in as well


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        Highly recommend you at least read the articles on the main site = and then get the book Primal Blueprint. After you've done some reading you'll get a better sense of the whole thing.
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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          I ate low carb (for weight loss) before I began eating Primal, and I try to keep to about 30g a day because of the work of Dr. Michael Eades and Dr. Richard Bernstein (diabetes guru).

          According to them, any meal of 10-12g of carbs or less will NOT bring on enough insulin to store fat, so I try to not eat more than 10-12g at any one meal. Moreover, Dr. Atkins advised finding one's 'critical carbohydrate level' (CCL), the level at which the person stops losing weight. For me, that's about 30g, but it can be higher for some people, lower for others.

          I'm very sensitive to carbs, and if I ate 100g, I'd be ravenously hungry. That's one reason I avoid fruit and get almost all my carbs from veggies. Now that I'm in maintenance, I have raised my calorie level rather than my carbs.


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            If I ate 100g of carbs a day my blood sugar would be roller coaster all day, and I'd be starving like Emmie. Doctor Atkins was correct about the CCL being different for everyone, and he will always be one of my heroes. Being a Type 1 diabetic I need to keep my carbs under 30 a day in order to keep my blood sugars under control.


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              I eat 100 grams all the time and I have been consistently losing weight. I almost never eat much more than 150 though, but to get over much over 150 you are eating desserts, grains, sugar, etc. all in the same day. Just to illustrate there is no magic number.
              If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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                I eat fruits and starchy tubers every day. I don't know how many grams it tots up to, but I've been losing weight.
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                  I eat ice cream a few times a week and lose weight
                  You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                    I can lose weight regardless of the amount of carbs I eat. Calories still matter.. to me at least.
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