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    Originally posted by syzchan View Post
    Few suggestions:
    1) Try hard to keep carbs at around 50-75g. Too little, and you may start to get obsessive about them. Plus, for me, I stayed low for a while and it caused me to get a rash. Too much and that may trigger binges. What has helped is limiting the sources and when you can eat them. Like no roasted nuts - too easy to overeat them! Even raw macademias, I can eat a whole cup if I'm in a munchie mood (I've just discovered raw hazelnuts and they are much "drier" so I can't eat that much in one sitting). I've tried to make some of the coconut pancakes, but found that seems to trigger this ferocious hunger, so will be avoiding trying my hand at some of the yummy primal-ish baked goods till I feel I'm ready for them. I've been upping my carbs recently to include more starchy veggies/tubers after my workout, and eating them first before I dig into my steak. That has not triggered binging, result in residual hunger, etc.
    2) Don't attempt fasting until you have been doing primal for a while and feel comfortable with WOE. And when you do, start slow and work your way up. I tried for too long too quickly and led to binging the next day due to feeling of insatiable hunger.
    3) It's not the end of the world if you slip up and binge, or eat non-primal foods. Don't get obsessived about it, just pick yourself up and start over at the next meal. Don't get into the thinking, well the day's ruined anyways and then eat as much crap as you can. Big mistake for me.

    I believe that being Primal will help tremendously as you start thinking of nurturing your body rather than stressing it trying to strive for some unrelenting (and unrealistic) vision of perfection. Do it slowly and steady.

    excellent, excellent!

    I, as well, try to keep my carbs around 50-75 for the same reasons. I also have to watch the nuts, can get crazy on those, then I'm guilt-tripping, then -- bam - I'm thinking and acting crazy and it happens so fast. Also agree with the fasting comment too.

    Black-and-white and perfectionistic thinking is a big part of our problem, as I've noted from years of being in group therapy and OA meetings. I vividly remember a woman freaking the F out because she ate an extra banana. THIS is what makes us so unwell. Gotta let it go, man, as hard as it is.
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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      Do you think my carb cravings will get worse in the first few days? They seem to be OK the first day but the next day I tend to get anxious and blow it on oatmeal or something.


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        Originally posted by nicjara View Post
        Do you think my carb cravings will get worse in the first few days? They seem to be OK the first day but the next day I tend to get anxious and blow it on oatmeal or something.
        Your "craving" is more anxiety than carb withdrawl or carb-flu. I would suggest having some cooked lean protein or hard-boiled eggs around to eat when you have these moments of anxiety to help let it pass. I say lean only for these moments because it's hard to overeat on lean meats. For your meals, have fatty meats. The fat will help heal your brain, and that is what your anxiety is, symptoms of a damaged/malfunctioning brain.


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          I went through the "resolve to quit eating sugar/grains" and then blow it pattern so many times I can't remember them all. The only way I finally made it through was to have a full serving of protein with every meal, plenty plenty plenty of natural fats, and give myself permission to forget the messups and just focus on making the next meal another good one of fats, veggies, & plenty of good protein.

          Hugs & love to you - you can do this. {{{hugs}}}
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            syzchan-- that is very very true. i think it is anxiety about "what will happen if i don't have carbs, energy, etc."! but the truth is, if i'm eating i'll be just fine.

            thanks again mamagrok for the encouragement