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  • Workout in AM, eat in PM

    Lately, I've been working out (lift heavy 3x week/sprint 1x) in the morning, usually around 6:00am. Due to time constraints, I often skip breakfast and go straight to work. No lunch, as I never liked lunch anyhow. I get home around 6:00pm or so, and make dinner, which is my meal for the day. (Sometimes it turns into two meals, an hour apart.)

    Is it necessary to eat after you workout? Am I preventing myself from making gains in strength by not eating post-workout? Martin from Leangains has an "early morning fasted protocol," but it looks like he recommends eating by noon or so.

    Any thoughts?

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    Le bump.


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      Nah. Hell, some people will train (like you do) in the midst of a full 24-hour fast, not eat for 12 hours (or more), and still be absolutely fine in making strength gains.
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        I think the research on workout nutrition is abundant and the conclusion can be drawn that it's beneficial for you to consume nutrients post-workout. Martin's protocol is much different, in that even if you're working out at 6am, you're using BCAAs pre/post, and every 2 hours until you eat.

        In my opinion it would be beneficial to you to consume something sooner than 12 hours after a workout.
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