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OK, One more question about IF

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  • OK, One more question about IF

    Sorry im new to for those of you who are eating in a couple hour window, do you eat about as much as you would eat in a normal day? And are you pretty full on your last hour, so it keeps you satisfied till the next afternoon?
    Im finding that ill eat a normal meal as im use too, i just get hungry again in like an hour when normally it keeps me a few. Im just so interested in this, i love learning about it!

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    When I IF, I have a small meal to break it. Then I have a biggish dinner. My window is closer to 4-5 hours though (i.e. I break my fast around 2pm with a small meal and eat dinner around 6pm).


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      i eat to satiety twice during my window. I dont experience any hunger until about hour 13 or 14 of the fast, and even then its very mild. One meal is not enough, usually.


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        +1 to what Miss Myers said. Even then I am learning to understand that I really don't have real hunger and that my mind is in control of my body not the other way around. The fact that I haven't eaten in 20 hours is no excuse for getting grumpy and my body will do just fine when I get around to feeding it. Every day I will get plenty to eat I have no reason to ever worry.


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          The Daemon is a big fan of IF in case that's not self evident.


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            I am with lmyers and Daemon. I have about a 5 or 6 hour window and I just eat when I feel hungry and eat until I am full. It's usually just 2 meals. I was really amazed how easy it was when I just listened to my body. I used to eat because it was time or I thought I would need the energy for exercise or whatever. From the first day I tried this way of eating I was amazed at how it just felt right. I do drink coffee, tea, and water. The only time this strategy fails for me is when I enjoy some wine before bed (this is not for hunger but relaxion and pure enjoyment). But I still get a good fast in between bedtime and usually lunch.