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Rate my intake? (to see if I'm doin' it right)

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  • Rate my intake? (to see if I'm doin' it right)

    After reading the book and scoping out these forums for awhile, I decided to take a snapshot of what I ate in one day, and wanted some feedback to see if I'm following the principles properly. Right now I'm 168pound, 6 foot, 37inch around the gut and 24 years old (if that matters). I'm still in "weight loss" mode atm hoping to eventually be down to 160 ish (I'm a small frame probably, I'm very diligent to not lose an ounce of lean mass; have been working out).

    It's not been made totally clear what your macronutrient ratios should be (or I just haven't looked right), but I'd imagine 60/30/10 - Fat/Prot/Carb, respectively, is correct? the addition of any carbs or sugar beyond the 60-ish grams I get a day (literally, two kiwis extra) throws me into "maintenence" range. I stayed at 170 for about 2weeks with the inclusion of those two extra kiwis (and pineapple every so often) a day.

    Anyway, my fitday charts are attached. I'm a bit worried about the superhigh RDA numbers. I'd love some feedback. Thanks for looking!

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      Those charts look awesome to me. I also noticed that it's hard to get enough Vitamin A and E (I think grassfed animals had more of these e.g. organic eggs and grassfed butter), so I got supplements for them.


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        Don't worry about FDA numbers, they aren't based on much anyway, I've even seen MD's recommend getting at least 4x them and, besides, it's mostly guesswork/an average how much was in the actual food you ate.
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