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  • Primal Nutrition Suggestions Denied

    So tonight my family asked what we should make for dinner. I am in the process of reading through the Primal Blueprint so I shot out a few suggestions for what we should have for dinner, all of them following the Primal Blueprint eating style.

    All of them were denied, and we are now deciding between spaghetti and some sort of fast food for dinner.

    Anyone else having problems either eating primally with friends and family or convincing them that eating primally is very healthy and satisfying?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences.
    Ken Wyser
    The Ultimate Climber

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    Is anyone else not? Seriously, I imagine folks who can convince everyone else in their families to totally change their eating habits are rare. More so for those with kids.
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      What were your suggestions?
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        No success. My family and friends is stuck in CW. They think I am killing myself!

        I often hear these responses. Does your parents allow you eat Primal? If you having spaghetti I am assuming is with ground beef, so just eat the meat and skip the pasta.......I will agree with the pervious poster though. I believe it is rare occurrence to completely change your parents and friends mindset on food.


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          Sometimes it seems impossible to please everyone, even with the most delicious looking and tasting foods. People have complained about my almond flour concoctions while others have raved about them.

          I made this chili this morning:

          Hopefully everyone in my family likes it, but I'm expecting my dad to complain that it doesn't have any beans (that's how he always eats/makes it) or my mom will complain it's too spicy (there's two jalapenos in the entire batch).


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            I've never had anyone complain when I follow my usual formula of
            -big hunk of meat, grilled, smoked, or roasted, w/ salt, pepper, usually garlic, maybe some other spice
            -big salad of fresh veggies & variety of lettuces
            -fresh veggies sliced, then grilled, sauteed, or roasted w/ salt, pepper, usually garlic, maybe some other spice, in butter, CO, bacon grease, maybe EVOO
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              Oh boy yes! I have a 8 year old self imposed vegetarian who is irritable a great deal of the time and my husband and 5 year old son hate veggies but love meat.
              Meals are a daily issue around here.


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                My kids eat best when I serve just meat and veggies. They always eat the meat out of everything first and go for grains (if there is any) last. Always. My husband on the other hand would happily be a vegetarian and can't stand any meat w/ fat on it, bone-in, or not cooked to death so that's irritating to say the least. He does sort-of understand about grains not being healthy, it's starting to sink in that I don't want to have grain foods play any major role in our kids lifes but... he still is really picky and can't change the fact that he is a carb/grain addict. Luckily, I have the excuse that I just cater to what our kids will eat and they love primal foods.


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                  Well, my thing is, when getting my friends/family to eat Primal is to not tell them they're eating Primal. I just make food (or food suggestions) so good they don't even realize what they're missing.

                  Second, with the parents thing (and I've been seeing this a lot on the boards), it's this thing Dave Ramsey calls the "Powdered Butt Syndrom." Once somebody's powdered your butt they don't really want to hear your advice on money or sex, and it seems food choices as well.

                  I did manage to get my mom to start eating Primal for her desire to lose weight. My dad doesn't eat Primal per se, but they both certainly indulge me in my eating habits. My mom's been doing a lot more Primal cooking since she's changed her diet, so whenever I visit I know I'll have a good meal. It took a long time to bring them around. Before they did, it came down to me picking and choosing what I'd eat, or not eating what was fixed. I'd suggest sides or options I could eat as an add-on to what they wanted, and only ate the "safe" foods. I guess it eventually worked.

                  With kids... I don't have them yet but they'll get the same rule I got when I was a kid. "Eat it or go hungry." Sometimes I ate it. Sometimes I didn't, but I didn't get a second choice on dinner.

                  That's just my 2 cents.


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                    Its a breeze around here - for the most part. My husband eats a Primal diet too - prefers to eat that way. My youngest is primal by nature - she would prefer a burger in a romaine lettuce leaf over a bun any day. My middle child is happy to eat whatever, as long as she has some sort of dip. My eldest is the pickiest and is definitely a carb addict - she does eat meat (again, with a dip of some type) and enjoys carrots.... They do well, and usually eat what they like from what we eat. We haven't nixed the breads, cereals for them yet.... for now, I'm modeling healthy food choices and hoping they'll start making better choices if the options are available to them.

                    Tonight we had Joyful Abode's savoury vegetable pancakes with some grilled italian sausage and the entire family gobbled it up - its always really awesome when that happens!
                    ~primal mama to 3~


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                      Don't even tell them. Just sneak it in there.

                      For example, tonight I made taco salad. Full-on primal as long as you don't eat any tortilla chips with it. The fam could have the chips, and they won't notice you're not.

                      Or make up a curry. Make a pot of rice for them. But don't even say anything as you ladle the curry -- without rice -- into your dish.
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                        Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
                        With kids... I don't have them yet but they'll get the same rule I got when I was a kid. "Eat it or go hungry." Sometimes I ate it. Sometimes I didn't, but I didn't get a second choice on dinner.
                        An early education in the concept of Intermittent Fasting :-)


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                          Originally posted by prib81 View Post
                          An early education in the concept of Intermittent Fasting :-)
                          Ha ha, LOVE IT! This is my rule with my kiddos, one "no welcome bite" and if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it, but you'll wait till the next meal/snack is served.

                          As for having trouble, well are you the parent or the kid OP? If you're the parent do the cookin' man, and if everyone doesn't like it MORE FOR YOU!!! lol

                          If you're the kid, that's harder. I like DR's powdered butt analogy. But, like a pp said, most people aren't gonna argue with a juicy steak and side salad. If they whine where's the potatos/bread/rice blah blah blah well you can just shrug and grin with a big hunk of bloody steak in your mouth!

                          I often serve two veg sides, a hot and cold (like side salad, and sauteed mushrooms and onions, or side salad and grilled asparagus.) and I haven't ever had a complaint from my non primal family who I cook for every day in the summer when we live with them. As long as the food is good, they don't complain.

                          Don't ask, just make and serve. Once you ask you're in for a debate.
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                            Originally posted by blank_faceplate View Post
                            Is anyone else not? Seriously, I imagine folks who can convince everyone else in their families to totally change their eating habits are rare. More so for those with kids.
                            Not Ken's problem, I'd guess. His profile says he's 18, so he's unlikely to be a householder. At the end of the day, if you are, you can just serve a primal meal, and that's what people get.

                            I'd guess Ken's problem is persuading his parents (and perhaps siblings).

                            Dunno, Ken. Possibly accentuate the positive - "I'd really like a pork chop" - rather than the negative - "Can we not have pasta?" You can probably hit on something others might fancy, too, at least sometimes.

                            How about offering to do the cooking sometimes? If The Primal Blueprint seems like it might be suspect to people who don't know what it's about perhaps avoid mentioning it - unless there's a really good opening in some other context. Just say that you'd like to cook a meal, need to get some more practise for when you go to college, whatever. If you can get to be the one who prepares the food now and then, then you can serve primal without anyone realizing it. It could be a tricky situation, because some people are very protective of being the cook, but if you ask nicely and are subtle and clean up conscientiously afterwards ...


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                              It can be a money thing, too. Some people use pasta and rice to stretch the food budget. The idea of just meat and veggies gives them the budget willies.