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  • V8

    What do you think? Is V8 an acceptable beverage for us?

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    As long as you choose the low-sodium version, it's "ok"... or you could buy a juicer and make your own! I do this sometimes, but to be honest the act of chewing vegetables is much more satisfying to me.
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      I had wondered the same thing. I can get V8 in Egypt, expensive but I can get it. Considering that I have no clue the conditions that the veggies I get over here are grown under, I figured V8 was a fair trade off. I cannot get the low sodium over here, usually can only get the spicy. So far it has set with me fine.
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        It's still processed and condensed food. Personally, I pass on it. I'd rather actually eat a vegetable.


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          It does come in a pretty container......nevertheless, I like the look and taste of real vegetables.....Not to mention I'm totally against pretty much any food that comes with nutritional data as a selling feature.
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            Fruit juice is probably best avoided, because the fibre's missing. It's not that fibre is as good as it's currently believed to be, but simply that filter that out, and you've got something that's proportionally far higher in sugar. You probably couldn't eat 6 or 8 apples, but it would probably be easy to drink that many juiced. I guess the same would apply to at least some vegetables - probably fairly sugary ones like carrots.

            I think fresh is always better anyway.

            However, I doubt that it's an enormous issue, if you like the product. But the last time I looked at a can, I got the impression that it was mostly tomato. it's all very well to say eight vegetables, but if in reality it's mostly tomatoes, it seems a bit pointless and possibly overpriced.