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Ideas for storing food at "cellar temperature"?

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  • Ideas for storing food at "cellar temperature"?

    If I have no cellar, garage, or basement, but I want to store certain foods at 55-60F to keep them from spoiling. Any suggestions?

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    Tough one. Do you have access to land, or are you in an apartment? There are lots of plans for mini root cellars. Maybe partially burying a cooler on the shady side of the house? Check out Mother Earth News's website for some info.


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      I live in an apartment. Can't mess with the house or land.

      What about a wine fridge, with a few racks removed?


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        part of the root cellar thing is to keep foods dark as well as cool. those wine refrigerators all have glass doors.....need to keep it in a dark place or cover the glass to black it out. There should be some source of humidity so the foods dont get dried out and shrivel up. But the wine cooler thing just might work!


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          I just need to store certain foods (such as sweet potatoes, which will keep for a month at 55-60F, but only a week at room temperature). I think having a window on the door would be fine.


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            I have seen those wine storage things at the Goodwill reasonably often and for cheap. I don't know how much juice they pull, but that would work fine for you.