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Am I the only vegetarian doing this?

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  • Am I the only vegetarian doing this?

    So, yeah, I'm a vegetarian trying to go primal Anyone else?

    For the past two weeks, I've been really following Mark's book, with the exception of the meat-eating aspect. So far, so good! I've given up my diet sodas along with a wide array of mock meats and all grains. I feel fantastic. I don't even miss veggie burgers!

    I've been trying to lose weight for the longest time. I'm one of those skinny fat chicks: I look like any other normal-weight female, but my body fat percentage is at a staggering 30+ percent.

    The only problem with going sort of primal is people's reaction. I can't tell how many people have told me I'm unhealthy and crazy. I'm actually surprised my own husband hasn't joined the CW crowd, saying I'm going to starve myself to death with not eating grains. He's been surprisingly supportive. (he's a big meat eater.)

    Anyway, just wanted to see if there are other vegetarians (I'm lacto-ovo), who are trying to do this.


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    So why no meat? Just curious. I've read that Dr. Eades works with vegetarians who want to eat higher fat, no grain diets so I'm sure it's possible.


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      Um, Marks wife, Carrie, is a semi-vegetarian. She eats fish which you might want to consider because of all the health benefits. Have you read this?


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        i don't know if that's going to work. why not fish at least? best of luck to you:-)
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          Originally posted by shannon View Post
          i don't know if that's going to work. why not fish at least? best of luck to you:-)
          Not sure how your going to get protein w/o eating legumes. To me it sounds like a good recipe for iron deficiency. I say at least eat fish. Seriously. For your health.
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            I think it's possible, since you're lacto-ovo, but you'll need to really concentrate on getting enough eggs and dairy to meet caloric, macronutrient (particularly protein) and micronutrient (B12, iron, and a lot more) needs.

            You're avoiding soy, right?

            I share the question others have asked: Why not meat, or at least fish? You'll be a lot healthier if you include these foods.
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              I think you are the only vegemitarian doing this.

              But like Barbey Girl said, with enough eggs, and dairy it might not be impossible.

              I'm not going to ask you why no meat or fish. I don't care.

              I am going to suggest though, that as you notice how you're feeling, and adjust what you're eating, you may want to consider taking Fish Oil as a supplement. YOu could try it for a while, and see if it makes a difference. Or not.

              Good luck.


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                I think there is a DHA vegan algae supplement - but protein from fish is helpful! There are a couple of other lacto-ovo-pescatarians here. (not me - I think I kept looking for healthy eating programs until I found one where I could eat all the steak I wanted).


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                  Also beans aren't so terrible if they are pressure cooked. Kills the lectins on beans.


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                    THat vegan algae supplement is bullshit. I worked for a folks who used to sell it. they wouldn't take it either.


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                      Castle Grok of is doing a Vegan/Primal thing. He's been on it for a few months, maybe check his site and write to him and see what is working for him.

                      My only question is how the mock meats are playing into this, aren't those mostly made of soy?


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                        Darthfriendly, What is wrong with the algae DHA ?(I don't take it, but I don't wish desperate inflammation and depression and IBS on anyone, even vegans)


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                          Originally posted by Bisous View Post
                          Also beans aren't so terrible if they are pressure cooked. Kills the lectins on beans.
                          Interesting. I've heard about soaking, but I've never heard that pressure helps.


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                            Pressure + heat. denatures proteins. Kills all lectins but wheat, which is evil. Personally I'd rather eat steak than beans, so why bother with a pressure cooking. But if you were a bean lover, or owned a primal restaurant or something... (in my reading I've heard soaking helps more with killing the phytic acid that binds minerals. Lectins are undone by fermenting and denaturing via high heat and pressure. Except wheat! No way to kill gluten.
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                              Sorry, I'm an ex-vegetarian. I couldn't see my way to no-grain, no-legume eating without reintroducing meat and fish. Sorry for the lack of moral support, and huge kudos to you for sticking your neck out here. I hope you find some company!

                              Could you post a typical day's menu, to give me some ideas for reducing the meat a bit?