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To the experienced folks around here...

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  • To the experienced folks around here...

    What is the best time to take the following supplements...

    1 Probiotics.. 30 mins before meals or after meals ??

    2 Magnesium.. I am planning on taking magnesium in mixed forms, about 1000-1200mg. Should I divide it into three doses....1(400mg) post running in the morning, 1(400mg) post workout in the evening and 1(400mg) with zinc/copper in the night before sleeping??

    3 Zinc, should it be taken in the night on empty stomach before sleeping. How much time after dinner??

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    3. I don't see why, since zinc is in food like beef and oysters.
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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      Follow the manufacturer's directions on the probiotic. Some are meant to be taken 30+ min. after meals when stomach acid is lower and the cultures have better chance of surviving. I like enteric coated probiotics, which you can take anytime.
      You might want to take the zinc with a meal because it can cause nausea on an empty stomach. The magnesium- I don't really know for sure. I like to take mine in the eve. to relax my muscles (I take Natural Calm pwd.)