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How to convince my parents?

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  • How to convince my parents?

    Hi folks,

    I have started doing paleo but my parents think that I destroy my body on purpose. I told them that grains are bad but I have no reasons.
    Here is what I tell them but I canīt tell them the biological reason behind (they want to know)
    1. grains are bad (destroy the mucosa of the colon)
    2. bacon and eggs for breakfast is best and even better than eating bread because of the constant insulin level
    3. beans have some kind of poison in it
    4. grok ate a lot of meat

    here is what they say and I often donīt know what to answer even if I know that its BS what they say
    1. carbs give you energy, every athlete eats a lot of noodles
    2. bread is staple food
    3. you eat too much meat
    4. grok ate just a little bit of meat, mostly veggies and berries
    5. eat apples or bananas if you are hungry
    6. eat not so much meat
    7. the people in Asia eat a lot of rice thats why they are so healthy
    8. dont eat that much eggs, it will raise your colesterol
    9. do not lift so heavy weights
    10. rather do cardio like jogging for long time to become 'fit'
    11. you will kill your joints with heavy weights
    12. they feed animals with hormones so its better to eat a whole grain slice of bread with cheese

    It would be helpful to give them the right answers

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    point them to Primal Blueprint 101 section of this site. let them read it and draw their own conclusions. otherwise they will never admit they are wrong.


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      Do you live with your parents, and they provide the food? If not, then don't worry about convincing them of anything. Just do what feels good to you.
      Because if you didn't know, of that is life made: only of moments; Don't lose the now.


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        obviously the parents provide the food...

        @ Original Poster... do your research, learn, learn and learn about every aspect. That's how you will know answers...
        Personally I know the answer for all those comments. More than that, I can come with alot of points on each of them. Closing points... like...

        "Bread? Staple food? You mean, cheap, for the masses, right? What if I told you that eating Styrofoam is healthier than eating bread? I mean, less toxic, are you interested to listen?"


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          Thanks. My parents are from Germany and they canīt read English websites .
          They provide my food and tell me every time how bad meat is even since I pay for my own meat.

          MichaelA, please tell me more about this styrofoam point...


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            well i have been recovering from an eating disorder and convincing my parents, even tho i do not live with them is hard because of my past. i simply told them i will 'eat anything the earth provides' and leave it at that. you cant eat a 'wheatberry' you pick you have to process it and add junk for bread, so no i dont eat wheat, you cant eat corn from the earth b/c its hard(not as strong an arguement i know lol) but veggies, meat and dairy from animals you can get directly from the earth!

            if you can kill it or grow it ill eat it....try that
            Get on my Level


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              Do they like Scientific American? Here's a recent article:


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                Originally posted by MichaelA View Post
                obviously the parents provide the food...

                Plenty of people have discussed dealing with their parents' concern about their WOE, without being dependent on their parents for food.
                Because if you didn't know, of that is life made: only of moments; Don't lose the now.


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                  1. carbs require insulin to be processed in the body; too much overload creates insulin resistance and in time type 2 diabetes( that's why there's the epidemic); high blood insulin levels and losing weight do not go hand in hand at all
                  2. ask them if they suffer from digestive problems like bloating; suggest they eliminate grains two weeks;
                  3&4 meat is proven to be a problem only for people with pre-existing kidney( and liver - I think) problems; there's no proven problems with health individuals
                  5. bananas are okay in my opinion, apples are too acidic for when you're hungry
                  8. high cholesterol doesn't tell the story, tell them it's the triglycerides that count
                  10.jogging is known to be horrible for the knees