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  • Supplementation??

    Ok, I know there are a lot of posts about supplements, and its hard to find everything im looking for, so I thought I would ask the wonderful readers/contributors a few questions. First, Im looking into taking magnesium, Vit K2, probiotics, and possibly zinc. I already take fish oil. What are some other possible recommendations that I may be neglecting? Also, what brands have you found to be safe and effective? (not able to afford to subscribe to consumerlab). Also, though im only 2 weeks into the primal diet, I have a feeling I will be getting plenty of zinc, if Im not mistaken. Any help or suggestions is much appreciated.

    Also, a little bio... Im 26, relatively decent shape and I dont have any noticeable illnesses/maladies/etc... just want to make sure Im covering my nutritional bases best I can.

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    Also, I get plenty of sunlight, so D isnt a problem as I regularly run/hike during the day.


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      Regarding probiotics, here are 2 useful MDA threads on this topic:

      Personally, I've been experimenting with a variety of magnesium products; according to cillakat, magnesium citrate is best to use, but for those for whom it causes diarrhea, you should try a variety of other forms, such as glycinate,malate, etc. The form that is recommended for those who can't tolerate any of those less-expensive forms is the costly but effective Jigsaw product:

      Here's a good MDA thread on magnesium:


      Regarding vitamin K, the preferred form is K2; there is debate whether MK-4 or MK-7 (2 different forms of K2) is preferable. The 2 products that I've found to be highly-rated, and which I use myself, are:

      Jarrow MK-7

      Life Extension Foundation, Super K with advanced K2 complex (contains both MK-4 and MK-7)

      Here's a writeup on vitamin K from Dr. Mercola: (although I don't care for how he is always pitching his own products)
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        I've read that ionic and chelated forms of minerals may be the best absorbed. You can buy ionic zinc and mag for under $10 each on iherb. I think trace minerals is the company (they also make concentrace.)

        I've really been enjoying making magnesium oil for my mag intake--just another form. (Mag. chloride, and its transdermal--goes on the skin.) Here is a method of making it (very cheap)

        Zinc is actually hard to get enough of from food, unless you eat oysters (which, one serving of will give you about a weeks worth of your zinc requirements!) Pumpkin seeds are a good natural source, but many folks find it helpful to supplement it.

        If you are looking for supping K2 from food, some folks like taking butter oil (I think it's sold by green pastures?) I've never tried it so can't recommend it from experience. I've also read thorne is a great company for supps--free of lots of fillers, and they seem to utilize really well absorbed forms of vits/minerals. I believe they have a K2.

        Some folks feel a B-complex is very helpful as well (esp if you're not taking a multi that includes the Bs.) Again, I've read Thorne is a good one. Nutritional yeast is also a good source.

        Good luck!!
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          Originally posted by Grok and Grol View Post
          Also, I get plenty of sunlight, so D isnt a problem as I regularly run/hike during the day.
          You may want to check levels at some point to be sure. Most of us are pretty D deficient, and require supplements far above the RDA. Mark recs 4000 IUs a day in general, but that number can go up (or down) depending on your needs. Testing is really the only way to know.

          (Read the vit. D paperwork in cillakat's sig line if you want to learn more--she's all about the D )
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          Are you new here? Be sure to check these links FIRST, before reading anything on the forum! Succeed & PB 101

          "I am a work in progress." -Ani DiFranco


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            thank you for the replies so far.

            I have read the mercola thing about K2, which is what got me interested in the K2 stuff. And Ill take his word for it about the taste of Natto lol.

            i havent read anything about the ionic agonna have to do me some research

            Thanks again


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              To address your question of what else you might be missing: you didn't mention that you're taking a multivitamin... are you? These are a good way to get a nice balance of vitamins and minerals without having to piece together your intake from many sources. For starters, you probably want to consume the full complement of B vitamins, which are crucial for many physiological functions. Refer to the left column of the link below for details about what each B vitamin does and what the optimal intake of each is:

              Linus Pauling Micronutrient Resarch Center, Vitamin Overview

              Myself, I rotate among a variety of multivitamins, using a different one each day. Some of the ones I use and have found to be good:

              Ray & Terry's Total Care Daily Formula

              Linus Pauling Super Multi-vitamin

              Garden of Life, Vitamin Code, multivitamin

              Nutrilite Double X mutlivitamin/mineral

              Now Foods, Daily Vits (1-a-day)... very inexpensive

              Mark Sisson's primal Damage Control Master Formula looks promising, although I've heard that certain supplements (E, A) can inhibit calcium and vitamin D (for bone health) so I personally take my Cal/Mag/D/Zinc at a different time than my multivitamin, while Mark's formula contains the calcium along with the other minerals:


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                im iffy on taking a multivitamin after that large study saying that they offered no prevention of chronic diseases, but did contribute to a rise in cancer vs the group that did not take them. Granted, I know there could be a million different variables and this is but one stdy, but for now as I have been eating a broad diet of meat/veggies/fruits/ and lots of eggs, im gonna start with common, glaring deficiencies and go from there, such as K2 and magnesium. But thank you for all the links, as now i have a great resource if i do in fact decide to take the again
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                  i've found a good supplement that has cal/mag/d/ and i believe it has k2 as well. i like it because it's chewable and i can take it on an empty stomach without vomitting. it says you can take it anywhere from twice to four times daily. i've started with just twice so far. it was reasonably priced at my health food store, which is a definite plus. i started taking a probiotic as well twice a day. i was already supplementing with zinc and b complex. i found a chewable b vitamin too, which is great because b especially made me nauseas if i hadn't eaten enough. anyone take milk thistle? i've been taking that for a while. i need to find a good fish oil though, that's something i've never taken.
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                    >> i need to find a good fish oil though, that's something i've never taken.

                    I love and use the following:

                    Life Extension Super Omega-3

                    Here is a link to a lot of reviews for the above product (Note that iHerb discontinued one version of this, and then immediately reintroduced a different version. Seems to be the same product as before, or very similar):

                    I take 16 capsules of this product per day (note that the dose for healthy adults is 4 caps per day, or 2.5 g; due to a neuromuscular disease I have, I'm supposed to take 4x the normal dose), and have never had a problem with reflux or fishy burps. The caps smell like olive oil; no nasty fish scent.


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                      id add a bunch of vitamin D3 as well. you probably cant get enough sunlight to really get the benifit in this northen lattitude
                      this cardiologist talks alot about it on his blog. I started taking 6000 iu/day and saw a huge difference in energy,blood pressure. heart rate within a few days. It seems most people in north america are chronicly deficient in this vitamin.


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                        thanks everyone. Im gonna start taking zinc, Vit D3, K2, fish oil, and magnesium citrate. I appreciate all the helpful feedback!


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                          for myself,i just popped for a big buy of mark's damage repair formula. on paper it is the best formula,hands down,of any i have seen. and,i have looked hard indeed. it has at least adequate,sometimes excellent doses of most everything that could be considered helpful. some things nobody thinks about even,eg-NAC and others. will know when i run out. truth to tell i have never been able to feel any benefit at all from any supplement i ever took. now deconditioned or in the past when in top shape. but this is my coverage strategy for poor quality foods found in the stores. yes organic is another option,i know. i am actually going to use this every other day because of cost. such a good formula that i think everything,that our current knowledge finds helpfull,will be covered,especially in the context of correct dietary practices. BTW,if anyone is listening in "management",i would love to see this product subjected to consumer labs scrutiny.