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Why can't I kick the sugar cravings yet!!! I'm losing my mind me!

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  • Why can't I kick the sugar cravings yet!!! I'm losing my mind me!

    Okay, so it's been 2 weeks now that I've been trying to go primal and lose some weight by eating no grains, keeping my carbs at less than 100gms, eating healthy fats (need to decide on a way to increase fat intake, as just eating butter and eggs is not nearly cutting it), and good sources of protein and vegetables. I'm having no difficulty with giving up all of the carbs and grains,rice and junk foods....but I'm failing miserably when it comes to the sweet stuff! Even when I'm totally full up after eating a nice primal meal...I try to avoid thinking about it, and distract myself alot...I even try to keep myself far from the kitchen usually locked in my room busy with the baby....but I just can't kick it hard enough!!!

    I always end up giving in right at the end of the day before it's time to go to bed and I'm too tired to fight it off any longer, and it RUINS EVERYTHING! Everything I've worked for that entire day (and the days before) just in the trash....probably turning everything else I presumably ate to be healthy into 10x more body fat for me. It's usually something chocolatey....or something like sweetened chai or coffee with loads of cream n sugar! I do well avoiding putting sugar into anything....but when I see a cookie, or some ice cream, or my husbands daily chai....I always steal it. I've tried simply throwing the stuff out and not buying anymore but huge arguments start up when my husband brings something home for himself...and I want it. lol.(embarrassing as it is, it is true).

    I've thought about getting some dark chocolate...or making some primal nutella and have it guiltlessly throughout the day when these cravings are about to overcome me......but the recipe calls for stevia (which is still technically a sugar is it not?) I really don't want to mess with it if it is....what can I do to stave off these cravings....I never EVER knew I was so strongly addicted to sugar that I couldn't even fight it out for a day!!! WHEN I'M FULL EVEN!

    Any suggestions out there for something that will kick that daily sweet, chocolatey craving right in the butt minus the bad effects and weight loss prevention caused by insulin and the likes! I'm not talking about something with less sugar or something, I mean something that is ZERO on sugar....I don't want to get further addicted to it buy keeping at it. Anything thats worked for help kick the desert, something sweet habit???

    Please don't tell me to just give up sweet stuff completely for a day or two and wait for the addiction to wear off....because obviously, that's not working now is it. As I try and try....every single day is a challenge...and I always lose the damn challenge!

    I know...I ask ALOT of questions on here..... I'm just trying to get it right is all .

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    It's really hard to kick the sweet tooth for a lot of people, including myself. Stevia is not technically a sugar. It is a herb, and your body does not digest it: it does not enter your blood stream. Stevia could be the answer you are looking for. Based on my own experience, I feel better when I can allow myself to have a treat of some kind (primal) and as much as I want. Otherwise, it's not worth the mental craziness. But as for stevia, I personally don't like the taste of it.

    My treat is creamed coconut. It's not coconut cream, but creamed coconut and comes in little 200g boxes. Inside the box is a bag of coconut goodness. In the hot weather, the coconut melts and sometimes I clip a small hole in the bag and suck small amounts out throughout the day. I also squish the bag to mix up the layers of oil and coconut and then put it in the fridge to harden. Then I slice off thin pieces and let them melt in my mouth. So good! The medium chain fatty acids act like carbs and give you an almost instant surge of energy but without the bad effects of carbs. You can also mix it with cocoa for a chocolatey treat. Everyone should know about creamed coconut! Yum, yum, yum!


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      Creamed coconut! Added to my grocery list......along with, coconut oil, cocao powder, hazel nuts...and other yummies...that can't I right?

      I dont know about the stevia though.....what is it really? Know any place where I could get some more "real" info on the stuff and how it racks up PB wise?


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        Originally posted by MumtazG38 View Post
        Know any place where I could get some more "real" info on the stuff and how it racks up PB wise?
        Mark's take is on this page - the last section in the post:


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          @Beauty: So I've finally found someone that indulges the same way I do. I love creamed coconut and it's so cheap! I can buy a box of 4 sachets for 60pence or about $1 i guess. My only problem is not eating them!!! I can go through a box a day, that's 1200 calories before I've attempted eating anything else. I generally dont eat anything at work, on the occasional 10 hour shift where I do actually get hungry 1 of those sachets really perks me up and gets my energy up again.

          Have you tried frying prawns in creamed coconut and butter..... all i can say is "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" :]


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              I did it by eating more fruit in the beginning. I was (am) the biggest sugar junkie. I also have a protein/glucose/ shake PWO that tastes like chocolate milk - but only post workout. That may be taking the edge off because my cravings have all but disappeared.


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                as much as you dont want to admit it, you HAVE to stop eating sugar to kick the sugar cravings. You might think this "isnt working for you", but you have never really gone a significant amount of time without sugar, so you cannot say that it "isnt working for you". Continually eating sugar (and grains) is whats not working for you!

                Its just like just have to quit.

                buy some 85% dark chocolate. 6 grams of sugar in 1/4 bar. thats not bad (considering most bacon has 5 grams of sugar per serving) and its super satisfying. Dont eat fake sweetners like stevia(regardless of its health claims), its not going to do you any favors, and youre just going to keep craving sweet things like that.

                regarding sugar, you actually cant have your cake and eat it too. Sugar is a powerful craving, and I believe it will always be with us to some extent. Trying to find some "sugar-free" sweet-replacement that is healthier is just not realistic if you want to end your sugar cravings. And its not about enjoying life either.......I firmly believe life can be wonderful and fulfilling WITHOUT say otherwise is ignoring the fact that many people on Earth have gone their entire lives without cookies, candy, sweetended chai tea, ice cream, and are completely happy and live fulfilled, exciting lives.

                And I wont even get into the fact that excess glucose is extremely toxic to the body, and that cancer cells feed on glucose. Everyone has cancer cells in their body. Everyone. And every time you eat something sugary you are feeding these cancer cells and encouraging them to stay around and grow. Not good.


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                  I agree about total abstinence. I have a terrific sweet tooth, but I gave up sugar to control the pain from my osteoarthritis. Because of my age and medical conditions, I have to seriously restrict calories to lose, and I discovered that I get an insulin response from artificial sweeteners--which increases my hunger, etc. So I gave up all AS as well.

                  I've never felt better and have no cravings at all.

                  As long as you 'feed' cravings with sugar substitutes, you will never be free of them.

                  The OP asked "Help me," but this is a situation in which a person can only help him or her self. It can be rough at first, but anything worthwhile is difficult. People quit smoking because it isn't healthy, and that's the way I feel about sugar--in all its forms.


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                    I kicked my night-time sugar habit by replacing it with frozen berries topped with coconut milk. Its sweet and satisfying but only 5g carbs
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                      I actually find that when I eat fruits(which I love) It would increase my sweet tooth. I keep my total sugar intake for the day below 15g and do not crave it at all. I couldn't believe how much sugar was in my yogurt, milk etc before I started looking. No wonder why I always craved sugar and carbs. when I do find I have a chocolate craving I get the 86% dark choc bar that has only 5 grams of sugar and low amount of carbs and it does the trick.


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                        I had a big sweet tooth when I started. (I'm talking cookies with my sugary morning coffee here.) What worked for me was to indulge in fruit and make 'desserts' with Primal ingredients (fruit, nut butter, Greek yogurt). I really didn't worry about calories or carbs the first couple of weeks, just got in the habit of eating only Primal foods. If you're really struggling, get some really sweet fruits for now and don't worry about the carbs and calories.

                        For me, this worked really well. After a couple of weeks of Primal eating, my blood sugar was stabilized and I suddenly stopped craving desserts, Primal or otherwise. The cravings will pretty much go away on their own if you stick to it. Instead of trying the Puritan all-or-nothing approach, you might try indulging those sweets cravings with fruits. Eventually your body will notice that your blood sugar is nice and stable, and you won't crave the sugar boost.

                        In fact, I tried to cheat on my birthday and eat a gourmet cupcake from a local bakery (somebody brought these to my birthday party). I mean these are top-quality cupcakes--but all I could taste was FLOUR. Everyone was gushing about how great the cupcakes were, and my wife (who is Primal) and I just looked at each other and laughed. It tasted like a big disgusting ball of flour. This was a huge transformation for me. I'd been Primal about 5 weeks at the time.

                        Most importantly, don't beat yourself up trying to get it perfect to begin with. I used to eat sweets every day, and they are no longer appealing at all. Fortunately, fruit tastes like candy now, and candy tastes like garbage. Now I may eat one serving of fruit per day, typically an apple, peach, or some berries (low-sugar fruit). I don't miss sugar (or grains) at all anymore. And I wasn't one of these people who were already very fit and started eating Primal just to improve things further. I was a very overweight guy who lived in fast food, soda and candy bars.

                        There is light at the end of the tunnel! And it's much closer than you think.
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                          Just as people are telling me elsethread that I need to suck it up and deal with the pain and the sweat that come with exercise (for me), I'm going to tell you that you must suck it up and deal. The only way to kill a sweet tooth is not to feed it at all.
                          Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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                            If you have to avoid your kitchen, then you probably have the wrong things in your kitchen. Get ALL of the sugar out of the house for now.
                            For lots of tasty recipes, check out my blog -


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                              Just an FYI on creamed coconut. If you take a bag (16oz) of dried unsweetened coconut and put it in the food processor for 5+ minutes, you have a creamy yummy treat. It's like magic. I pour it into ice cube trays. When it is solid, I store it in a bag in the fridge. I've never had the kind that comes in the little pouches, so I can't say for sure if it is exactly the same. I just know that these little gems are a great snack.