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    Hi all!

    My work roommate and I differ greatly on what is healthy. For example: she always poo poos my bacon and beef eating habits mumbling something about saturated fat and cholesterol, then goes on about how she had granola for breakfast, some whole grain bread at lunch and some brown rice for dinner. Her dinners often cosist of veggies, brown rice and that's it. I get that everyone is different, and so I bite my tongue. Today, we were talking about carbs and how I don't eat them and she brought up grains. "So what about grains?" "Nope, no grains" "WHAT???!?!?! Why not?" She was horrified that I might be damaging myself by not eating grains and she wants to know why I don't.

    Here is where you guys come in -- she is a MAJOR doubter in everything, not just this. I wish I could just direct her to this blog and all would be well but, no offense against Mark, she won't buy it. She'll need multiple sources and they'll have to be doctors or other health professionals (I know, I know...). Give me your best source and please help me educate her. She asked for it!

    Thanks so much Primal friends!!
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    Why bother? Let her be...


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      Gary Taubes, Good Calories Bad Calories
      Doctor Eades, there are two of them, Husband and Wife Team just google them

      That should get you started
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        I say ignore her, and enjoy your excellent cholesterol levels and un-rotten teeth.
        Remember, you are unique just like everybody else.


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          Lyle Mcdonald has some good writeups on carb/protein/fats (google Lyle McDonald primer), and surprisingly takes a very middle-of-the-road approach to them (ie: not extremist). Your work-buddy, hopefully, won't be turned off by it (as its not anti-carb or anti-fat, more context based).


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            I would go for the grain products have plenty of calories but arent comparitively nutrient dense when compared to veg/meat


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              Dr Davis at the Heart Scan Blog just posted one article in regards to wheats effect on the brain.
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                Explain it to her by leading by example
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                  Originally posted by MichaelA View Post
                  Why bother? Let her be...
                  2nd. Do your thing happily and silently, discussing only other topics and having an otherwise fun engaging time with her.

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                    I lean a bit toward the "why bother?" crowd. Though, you could send her to this Whole Health Source post which discusses the traditional methods used to prepare grains making their nutrients more bioavailable. This could cause her to open her mind up a bit.


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                      This ones pretty good: Print it out for her, it's more believable than the internet and people like to shuffle paper when reading something

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                        This was posted by Paleoman on another thread, thought it would help OP out:

                        Sources are important.

                        We are equipped with an immune system having two components, the innate immune system, which provides an immediate generalized response to perceived pathogens, and the adaptive immune system, that provides a delayed but customized response.

                        Wheat and gluten can trigger reactions in both.

                        Everyone apparently has some degree of negative reaction to wheat gluten via the innate immune system, because it triggers inflammatory cytokine production.


                        After this initial adverse reaction in the innate immune system occurs in just about everyone ingesting wheat, some go on to have an adverse reaction in their adaptive immune systems.

                        Blood testing only picks up a percentage of those who have adverse immune responses to gluten. The advance stool testing developed by gastroenterology researcher Kenneth Fine, MD, available though his, establishes antibodies to gluten gliadin in about a third of the population.

                        It is a bit long, but Dr. Fine's essay is well worth reading on this topic.


                        In just about everyone, not just celiacs, in addition to problems in the immune system, a component of wheat, wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), even in the tiniest amounts, causes intestinal damage and prevents the GI tract from repairing.


                        Even "nanomolar" quantities, tiniest amounts, of wheat germ agglutinin tend to trigger inflammation in the GI tract, damage and penetrate the tissues, and cause release of inflammatory cytokines on both sides of the tissue. Here is an abstract for that, I can't plug in the full text, though I have it, because it is copyrighted.


                        There are lots of other problems with wheat: opioid peptides with a moderate heroin like effect, inhibition of vitamin D metabolism, strong links to adverse healthy outcomes (see the posts on the China Study critique and how wheat rather than meat is associated with all sorts of bad stuff). Way too many problems with wheat to post in one place here.


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                          Also - don't say that you don't eat carbs. When I say that 'I eat very few or I don't eat simple carbs' or 'I don't eat wheat/pasta/potatoes/etc', I get the response of 'you don't eat carbs??!!' or 'Where do you get your carbs from??'

                          I answer - fruits and veggies are carbohydrates. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

                          Plus - I always find it intriguing that people equate a food that, after processing, they have to add the vitamins and minerals back into it for it to be healthy ('Vitamin Enriched' bread, Enriched flour).
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                            Let me save you time and energy...

                            ...those people will never come around because of someone else showing them sources. They will have to come around and realize they are wrong through their own trial and failures. I have stopped trying to convince my family.
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                              Would she go for a 2 week challenge? (I imagine you used to eat like she did and felt terrible?) Eat primal for 2 weeks and let the scale and her gut provide the answer. I used to eat brown rice and veggies for dinner...I'd NEVER go back because I feel great now!