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absolutely no appitite and I get sick after I eat

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  • absolutely no appitite and I get sick after I eat

    Hello everyone!

    I've been primal for about 2 1/2 weeks with this week being the absolutely no grain week. Well last couple weeks when I started cutting out grains I never got to shaky or hungry. I've actually had a problem eating. I can't seem to eat. I have a very small appitite. I even went to eat some cheese sticks yesterday while running errands w/the kids and threw them out (thank goodness they werent a wise choice to begin with.) For instance yesterday for breakfast I had scrabbled eggs w/sausage and about 15 min later I started filling sick. I had to run to the bathroom in fear of vomitting. (gross) Then for dinner I made spaghetti squash w/meat sauce and a salad I couldn't finish with out starting to get that horrible frog in my throat. This am woke up made eggs for the primal kiddos and I couldn't force myself to eat if you paid me to. So I made a protien shake no success there either. Then lunch comes around grilled chicken salad finished half a bowl. Needless to say I'm down 11lbs in 7 days (actually excited about that part ) But I guess through all this rambling my question is..."is this normal?" Stomach growling now but I'm not shaky,tired, dizzy etc. I do get hot flashes and sweaty but not enough to be too bothersome. I guess I'm concerned I'm not getting enough nutriants,cals,protien, etc. I havent started the work out program yet until this seems to pass a bit. Any advice is greatly appreciated sorry soooo long winded
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    They say to listen to your body, but based on your post above, I would say you are not getting enough food into your body. A weight loss of 11 lbs in 7 days is extreme and most likely mostly water weight, but the feeling of nausea and lack of appitite that you describe "ain't good."

    You may have a food sensitivity in the background that is wreaking havok on your digestive tract, so you probably should start by eliminating things and seeing what is doing what.

    Dairy and eggs are both allergens to many people. So my vote would be to skip these two for a bit and see what happens.

    Try focusing on simple veggies and grilled meats to start, include a few starchy veggies like sweet potato too.
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      a Little bit of carb flu/detox going on..... It will pass. You really have to eat though, at least enough to get a multivitamin down if your appetite is not good.... eat bacon. lots. it is usually pretty well tolerated. Also, try cooking some chicken by just poaching it in broth or water and eating that. Keeping the food a little bland will help ease the iffy stomach. It certainly worked for me.


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        Thats just it....its not upset...but its like I just over ate and my body is trying to purge it. I think the drastic change to no grains has just shocked my body a bit. I'm hoping it will pass soon because i do love to eat I started in Jan at 250lbs and plateaued a few months back at 225lbs then last week when I started to eliminate the grains is when I noticed the change in appetite and reaction to eating. I thought the 10lbs i lost was water weight as well, but I was on my cycle and soo very bloated. I even considered it to be a reaction to my meds I'm on but I've been on those a while. I just thought it was normal once lowering the carb intake greatly. Thanks again for the advice! I will say though I do overall feel better just cutting those things out.


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          yep, you will start to feel better like someone lifting a veil off of your head. For me, my carb flu/detox lasted about 3 weeks solid, then on and off since then. I still am adjusting my workouts to my new eating and lifestyle, and sometimes the reminders of no grains and carby starches can be a bit cruel. Espeically if I work out too hard, I am just goo for the rest of the day with no energy for a few hours. I will say that the benefits have far outweighed any negative feeling side effects since going primal 2 months ago. I feel great, have lost a few more pounds of fat, and I am LOVING the food eating this way versus eating 6 small portion controlled bland meals a day like I was eating before. Give it time, and EAT. you have to fight the carb flu with something in ya!


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            Thanks I will! Tonight is grilled pork ribs and salad w/green beans. I'm hoping it all passes because my ultimate goal s to be able to get off the diff meds for insulin resistance (which took several diff drs and 4 babies ranging from 9-12lbs at birth and most pre-term to discover),fibromyalgia. I'll keep my vit d supp though i'm in the sun all the time but still defficiant. Thanks again for all the advice I'm soo sticking too it