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Vegans Have Better Sex! (Not!)

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  • Vegans Have Better Sex! (Not!)

    There is a crazy woman in her 60s who I have now seen on the A and D subways lines, and today, riding around SoHo in NYC on a bicycle, extolling the virtues of being a vegan. Normally she just goes on and on in a sing-song voice about how eating animals is disgusting and animal eaters will get lots of diseases. I guess that hasn't been getting her any converts. So today, she was whizzing along on her bicycle yelling "Vegans have better sex!" repeatedly.

    Personally, my libido has gone up since eating more animal protein/fats. No current boyfriend, so I can't say for sure if primal sex is better, but "primal sex" certainly sounds like better sex than "vegan sex!"
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    Judging by how scrawny and malnourished most vegans I've seen look, I'll just assume that their sex is not, indeed, 'better'.

    Also, if someone was wondering around and singing about vegan sex, I'd be very creeped out. Very. Maybe she is crazy from a lack of protein and fat in her diet?
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      HAHAHA. I don't think Ive seen that woman yet. I think you should hit her with a big chicken drumstick next time you see her.

      And Beefsister - Living in new york, I hardly ever get creeped out by anything anymore. I'm just thoroughly amused by the crazies now. but yes, I think the lack of fat might have something to do with it!

      Oh yea, and in response to that woman - I don't know anything about vegan sex life, I won't knock it..but all I know is taking the grains out of my diet have put my libido into I highly doubt they have better sex then me :P
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        Since starting this my sex life has gone through the roof. My libido is constantly on overdrive and the wife loves it. Vegans can do whatever they hell they please but you'll never convince me that this lifestyle isn't phenomenal in every aspect espeically that one.
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          Vegans are either thin and malnourished, or they're morbidly obese from grain and sugar overload. Not that I'm getting laid anyway, but if I was, they wuold NOT be having better sex than me.


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            Well...lets look at evidence in nature:
            Only eats Grass (and fed grains to get fatter, quicker)

            Meat Eater:

            WHICH IS SEXIER?

            If you eat primarily grass, this will happen to you:
            Natural Selection:


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              Originally posted by Athena View Post
              WHICH IS SEXIER?
              Well, if sex and power are to correlate, the aurochs is probably up there. Bulls are ancient symbols of power, and with good reason.

              But, yeah, you can't put the wrong fuel in the tank and expect smooth running.


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                I would say its all in the eye of the beholder, i can think of nothing sexier than a girl making me bacon.


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                  Different folks, different strokes...I really don't bother. To each one their own.


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                    Since starting this my sex life has gone through the roof..

                    And I've btdt as a vegan as well. Except for the duration of nursing my kids, I've always had a highish sex drive.....but primal it's definitely higher now than as a veg/vegan.

                    My libido is constantly on overdrive and the wife loves it.
                    +1...but in my case dh loves it. Seriously though, he needs to go primal b/c a little of someone else leading the way would be nice

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