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  • Skeptoid

    Curious what people think about this episode of skeptoid:

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    skimmed through..pretty vague really...just a list of nutrients and food terms and brief explanations of them. is there something particularly incendiary that he says regarding our way of eating? The main thing I think hes trying to say is that we shouldn't eliminate food sources based on "ideology" because all food gives us the same nutrients one way or another? Which is wrong, actually, considering lots of foods that have certain nutrients also have very bad things in them as well, and it makes perfect sense to eliminate them.


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      maybe i misinterpreted it, but i sort of acme off like he was suggesting that what you eat and how it's prepared is really not that important, because it all breaks down to the same things; as long as you get three meals a day you're good to go. maybe i should give it another read.


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        Dog food, beer, cheese, and cake frosting are all compounds that no species evolved to eat. Then how is it that we're able to eat them? In essence, it's because all food — in whatever strange form we want to present it — consists of the same basic building blocks, all of which we did evolve to eat, and all of which are found in nature.
        His premise is above, but he oversimplifies and/or misinterprets.

        Even if he were right, he's missing the boat on the ratios and specific kinds of nutrient groups.
        The foods we do eat but shouldn't eat, have other problematic components - phytates, gluten...The list is long and I'm sure someone will write a fabulous long post on it. I just won't be that person. No patience for it

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          thank you. that is what is probably what stuck me the most, and where i got that impression.