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  • Repairing Process

    Let me preface this post by saying I feel deep inside i have found my people. Thank God for this food and lifestyle movement...I feel like it has given me hope for the first time in a long time.

    Without going into my whole life story, I am a 37yo mama of two little boys and a wife to a kind man, but am also a 5'5" 304# PERSONAL TRAINER and GROUP FITNESS (oh- the irony!) instructor who has struggled with my weight since I was a wee one. I was neglected as a child as my parents struggled themselves with mental illness and the death of my little brother when I was three. Food was my friend, adn I learned to take care of myself in this way very young. But even during happier times extra weight always 'stuck' and my body and heart have always been extra sensitive than the average person.

    I have been FAR FAR FAR from perfect in the month of so I have been incorporating the Primal Lifestyle, but the results have far exceeded my expectations. More clarity, undepressed for the first time since having my first son eight years ago (even on SSRI's), and while not losing weight yet, slimmer around the ribs for sure. I am strong like OX but way too much body fat.

    So I have the feeling that my body (and soul!) need some time to recover from all these years of abusing sugar, grains (damn food pyramid!), and self- flaggilation (which I can see as a result of my upbringing, but also the grain/glucose funk now that the veil is lifting). has anyone else had this thought experience? Any nutrition tips? Aftet a month of glorious bacon and fat bliss I am ready to experiment.

    Thanks for all you have shared on the forum. I enjoy hearing your experiences very much.

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    <group grok>hi, primal playmate</group grok>

    bodies take time to heal no matter what the damage - if you break your foot, cut your finger, or eat crap. so, you're right - it does take some time for your body to recover from the chronic inflammation.

    read more here, if you haven't already:

    for me personally, it took a good couple of months to even notice signs of recovery. and yeah, mentally, too i know there are a number of us here that have had depression, etc, that cleared right the heck up after turning primal. it is liberating and refreshing, isn't it?

    not too sure on what specific nutritional advice you're looking for, but mark has a really good post here that definitely helps. just remember that when you cave into eating CW foods, you're pretty much picking at the scab, so to speak, and thus delaying the healing process.

    and welcome home!

    HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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      Be patient with it all. You may see some noticeable differences right away but give it at least 30 days, even more. You seem to be super excited about this lifestyle which is a great start. Continue to read the information here and read the book if you haven't.

      I personally enjoy a big ass salad everyday. Meat with tons of veggies/fruit. Add some olive oil based dressing and 1/2 avocado and I am golden!!
      Find me at Cheers!


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        Thanks to both of you! Yes, I have read the book and several of the daily posts by Mark.
        Not looking for anything specific in terms of nutritional advice- I get the concepts.
        Guess I may have been looking for stand-bys like the Big Ass Salad ideas.


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          My staples:

          Bacon and over medium eggs - pretty much my breakfast every morning, it never gets old

          Big Ass Salad with tons of meat/eggs and veggies - I use a less evil ranch because I can't stand olive oil or vinegar, etc

          I mix it up for dinner - usually meat, steamed veggies covered in butter, small salad or my new favorite: spaghetti (ground beef in sauce over julienned steamed zucchini - omg YUM! - you do NOT miss the noodles at all, especially afterwards when you are NOT bloated and feel like you are about to pop lol).