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    I recently got back from a mission trip to Haiti and had a great experience. Unfortunately, I think I picked up something that gave me pretty bad diarrhea. Fortunately, that's my only symptom; no nausea, headache, and my energy is even pretty good. I've lost several pounds, so I know that I'm probably pretty dehydrated although I'm drinking a good bit of water. Anyway, what are some Primal recommendations for treating diarrhea? Most sources I've Googled recommend BRAT (banana, rice, apple, toast) or oral rehydration solutions consisting of a good amount of sugar and a little salt mixed in water. They also seem to recommend avoiding cuciferous veggies and limiting fat to very small amounts. Of course all of these suggestions go against the Primal diet. The best I can come up with is chicken broth and sweet potato. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance

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    First of all, I would go to a doctor, and make sure you have not picked up a dangerous parasite. Once that is ruled out, Oral Acidophillus several times a day is good, it will fill the gut and intestines with good bacteria that will search and destroy the bad bacteria.

    Good Luck


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      BRAT is close to the standby from the Caribbean ---- BART--Bananas, Apples,Rice, TEA

      Those Hershesy Squirts are the body's way to eliminate something that shouldn't be there. Don't be TOO quick to plug it up.
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        My husband recently had a bout that just wasn't letting up by the 4th day (he was getting worried!). I did some research and there was a lot of stories of using unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar (a few tsp. in a glass of water several x/day) and so I had him try it. The diarrhea stopped within a few hours.


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          Thanks for all the advice and suggestions! I think I'm finally over it. I had one meal of sweet potato, eggs, can of tuna, and a good bit of fruit (apple, blueberries, cherries) and that seemed to sit well with me. Now I have my appetite back for some REAL food (MEAT!!).