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Would these values send me into Ketosis ?

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  • Would these values send me into Ketosis ?

    Fat 59% Protein 37% and Carbs 4%... would I go into Ketosis with this values and consequently lose weight do you think? Or is fat too high?

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    Ketosis is achieved when your diet contains less than 50g of carbohydrates per day (some say even less), give-or-take. So, it doesn't matter what percentage of your diet is carbs, as long as it's below 50g.

    Now, with that being said, if you do the math at 50g of carbs, to stay at 4% (like you mentioned), you would have to have a 5000 calorie/day diet.


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      Ok - breakdown is as follows: Total calories 2,789 - Fat = 178.8 gms Protein = 240.3 gms and Carbs = 24.9 gms
      I entered all values into and this is what it came up with!


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        That much protein might keep you out of ketosis... I'm no expert, but some excess protein can be converted into glucose, so it seems possible that would keep you out since that is a whole lot of protein.

        That said, plenty of people here lose lots and lots of weight without ever being in ketosis, so maybe you don't even need to worry about that. =]
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          Yes I thought my protein intake was high but in all honesty I feel good but need to drop the bodyfat. Also my Blood sugar is pretty good with fasting under 100 and 2hrpp is about 95. In the afternoon it can down to as low as 83.. I know that that is not low for normal people but for me being type 2 - its good


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            Awesome numbers for a type 2 Odar. Great job. I've been in ketosis 90% of the last three months. I had to go under 20g per day, suffer carb flu and sugar withdrawals (for lack of a better term) in order to get there. Now I describe myself as keto adapted. I can eat healthy carbs over 50 grams, leave ketosis and quickly be producing ketones with an intermittent fast or very low carb meal. For fat loss this seems ideal for me.


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              Hi Grol - yes I having been low carbing for over a year now averaging 30gms a day (Dr Bernsteins Diabetic Solution book) but joined PB because it was a change. I initally dropped about 15kgs but that was from exercising like crazy and have since put on nerly 10ks has I had to cut back on the exercise due to stressed knee joints, ingrown toenails etc etc... what I didn't do was subsituted fats for carbs - hence maybe the low energy etc. I needed to find a way to drop the kilos and still keep my blood sugars in check. My last A1c came back at 5.8% so there is still a lot of insulin circulating around my body which I need to get rid off Now the question I need to know is would I still be able to lose weight or go into ketosis with the values mentioned? I know mileage may vary but....