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  • Explaining Carbs

    So my current (erhm) girlfriend thinks that going totally low carb diet is not exactly healthy. I have a copy of Mark's book that I'm trying to get her to read but we haven't quite gotten there.

    After shopping around yesterday, I bought something kinda bad. They're tortillas by Mission, whole wheat.

    Total Fat 5g
    Saturated Fat 2.5g
    Polyunsaturated fat 1.5g
    Monounsaturated fat 1.5

    Sodium 560mg (whoa)
    Total Carbs 31g
    Dietary Fiber 21g
    Sugars 1g

    My GF tried to argue that this wasn't so bad because it's actually low in sugars. I'm thinking... nah..this is bad. Now the kicker... apparently this is a "carb balance" wrap. They argue on the back that if you take 31 total carbs and subtract 21g of dietary fiber you'll get the total net effective carbs.

    I'm like.. "que?"

    She worries that I don't get enough fiber in my diet. And, she's probably right on the basis that I am kind of a veggie-fobe. I just have a hard time eating enough leafy greens.

    This hard low-carb primal approach to food is not... easy.

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    explain that fruits and vegetable are carbs too. carbs from fruits/veggies are much more nutrient dense than grain/sugar carbs. once you take a grain and pulverize it into flour you've basically turned it into a simple sugar.


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      Ok, exactly. So my understanding is.. if you're eating enough fruits and veggies... what do I need whole wheat stuff for?


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        embrace the veggies. then she'll leave you alone.


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          GRAINS ARE POISON. Even "low carb" grain pucks.
          Because if you didn't know, of that is life made: only of moments; Don't lose the now.


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            Originally posted by Dannielle View Post
            embrace the veggies. then she'll leave you alone.
            I have a plan for this...but I think it belongs in it's own post.. probably in Odds and Ends.