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  • Vitamins/Minerals

    Besides fish oil, what supplements do you take? Are multivitamins beneficial? How did you determine what you needed w/r to vitamins and minerals, and any other necessary supplements?

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    I don't like multi-vitamins because they tend to give me junk that I don't want. I take calcium, magnesium, zinc, k2, vitamin d, and a bit of cod liver oil. I get more than enough of the rest from food, and I'm probably actually getting enough zinc but more zinc is demonstrably better to a point.
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      I take a

      multi for now b/c it gives me some extra b vites, the iron I need (I test and tx ferritin levels as needed), selenium, zinc etc....though I'll drop it soon
      vitamin d (1000 IU per 25 lbs body weight except on days that I get bikini sun at noon to the point just before a burn occurs.
      fish oil (enough to balance my Ω3:6 ratios

      the longer I'm doing this paleo/primal/exercise thing, the less supplements I'm needing but I still take *as needed*
      calcium (150ish mg 2x per day.....little to no dairy intake but good gut health and optimal d levels = dramatically decreased need for calcium)
      magnesium (125 mg 2-3x per day......i used to take 600-100 mg)
      zinc (30 mg every other day or so....but lately less and I seem to be okay)
      b complex - jigsaw active b time make up for the b vites I'm not getting from organ meats
      krill oil - 1-2 per day from ovulation to onset of next cycle...*totally* eliminates pms. *love it*.

      I also have a bunch of amino acids and other goodies *just in case* for anxiety and depression.

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        I occasionally pop a multi maybe once a week and try to take Omega 3s every-other day.
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