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WAH! Why won't the dang scale move?!?!

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    Hi, AndreAnna

    Dust and mold allergies eternal? Don't bet on it!

    I tend to associate all allergies with leaky gut ... and Primal does help, but maybe something more focused might get it to go away. Google "Specific Carbohydrate Diet" and you'll find a forum or maybe more than one. You could ask them. Comes down to it, grains and dairy and soy tend to be the main culprits in stuff like arthritis, allergies, aches and pains. Sometimes you have to get rid of every single trace of something -- then, surprise! All better!

    What you want to get rid of the belly fat is "pantethine", not pantothenic acid. Pantethine is a different kind of pantothenic acid, which supposedly works better. Disclaimer: I've only taken it for two days. So far so good! <grin>

    If you want to read all about what does everything to everything, read "Mastering Leptin" by Byron Richards -- probably said this yesterday, if so, sorry. But it's really good, with lots of new things I hadn't known.


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      Hi Andre- Anna

      I am having the same issues as you as far as weight and have been having a tough time losing it. I do cross-fit 3 to 4 x a week. I started eating primal approx 7 weeks ago. I found myself extremely tired the first month but feel much better now. I lost a little the first month and have now plateaud. I am sticking with it because I am not hungry. I have no carb cravins and do not even want to eat card. I weigh around the same as you and amin my mid 40s and have 4 kids. People have commented on my body changing it's composition in the past month and say I look like I have lost even though i really haven't. I believe that eventually this will work. It has to.


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        Thanks Sam for making me feel not alone! I have no plans on not sticking to it as I feel awesome and know the benefits far outweigh the rest. I also have faith the scale WILL move for us!!
        I create Whole/Real Food recipes without grain, gluten, or refined sugars! I'm a working mom with two gluten-intolerant kids proving a real food lifestyle isn't hard! Life As A Plate.

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          I just wanted to add to the encouragement! Your body is changing! Look at your pics!
          Mama to 4, wife to my love


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            Do you have a piece of clothing that's just a *little* too small for you? I have a pair of jeans that was too tight a couple weeks ago, and I'm happily wearing them today (and feeling quite hot, if I do say so myself) in spite of very little action on the scale. I've been heavy weight lifting and I'm starting to see the payoff here.

            Getting into the these jeans was a HELL of a boost even though the numbers weren't very encouraging.

            (Also - I just discovered your blog and am enjoying it)
            Sassy: Revised - my primal log


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              - Try cutting out dairy. Milk is very anabolic and insulinogenic.
              - Are you getting enough Vitamin D?
              - How are your sleep patterns/quality?
              - Try to move around more during your day (once every hour do some air squats, a lap around the office, a couple burpees)
              - Have you tried skipping breakfast/ intermittent fasting?

              4 days a week of Crossfit maybe a little overkill for your level. I'd focus on less glycogen crushing work outs (ie crossfit), and more on pure strength. I'd suggest 2 days a week of strength oriented training (google starting strength) and then 1 day of short, high intensity work (sprints, complexes, crossfit wod, time <15min)