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Saunas. Yay or Nay?

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  • Saunas. Yay or Nay?

    My school has a really nice sauna that I have been using the last few days. I drink plenty of water before during and after my visits there. Do you guys think there is any potential harm to the body from them. I,e adrenal issues or harm from that much sweating in general?

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    Sweat baths of one sort or another are certainly used by hunter-gatherers:

    I don't know about possible harm - I guess someone with a weak heart wouldn't want to go straight from a hot room into a cold plunge pool. But it should be safe enough for anyone healthy.

    In Finland, where the particular type of steam-bath you're talking about originates, people would be looked at askance if they went in one in a chlorine-soaked swimming costume. In countries that are less aware of these things they site them inside swimming-baths, alongside the pool, and this is exactly what people do. It has a disagreeable effect on the steam, and might irritate the throat.

    I guess if you sweat a lot you'd want to replace some of the salts you'd lose as well as the water. A tiny pinch of unrefined seasalt or Himalayan salt, and perhaps a little fruit juice, in your water would do. Another natural isotonic drink is coconut water.


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      I use them whenever I can. I don't see what could br wrog with it as long as you are staying hydrated and don't spend too much time in there. I always thought of it as a cleansing thing moreso than weight loss.
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        What about differences between conventional saunas and infrared?


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          Far infrared saunas are the way to go. Best for detoxifying and a lot safer for people who would normally have issues with typical saunas.
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