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How long before I start losing body fat?

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  • How long before I start losing body fat?

    I've been primal for a couple of months and have lost about 10 lbs. I am at my goal weight and am happy and feel great. However, I am having a hard time losing some body fat, mainly on my thighs (gotta love being a girl!). I am lifting weights 2-3 times a week and walk a lot, does it just take a while for this stubborn fat to go away? I guess I mainly want to know if I stay the course will I eventually lose it? Thanks!

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    have you adjusted your caloric intake since losing the 10 lbs? you will be needing less calories now that when you started losing weight intialy to keep the weightloss rolling. What is your current weight and age? The biggest thing I see you could do right now is do a couple of IFs a week. 12-16 hours, and do your walking during the latter part of these fasts to encourage fat mobilization from your thighs. Im sure you know, but as a female with only stubborn bf on my thighs as well, your legs will slim out verrrrry slowly, so be patient. weight training and walking are good things to be doing, though, so keep this up. make sure youre eating enough protein, too. have you been gaining strength in the gym or using the same weights?


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      Thanks! I am 28, 5'6" and 130 lbs. I have not tried an IF yet. I also am sedentary most of the day at a desk, would walking before as well as after work help since I sit on my butt for so long, ha?


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        Im 24 5'6.75'' and 125 so we're pretty close in size. I also am trapped at a desk all day! As far as when to walk, I would say, since you havnt tried IF yet, walking in the AM before eating will probably help, as your dinner will have been digested during the night and this would be a great opportunity to burn some bodyfat, rather than just dietary fat. However, walking is always a good idea, whenever you can!


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          One thing to remember is you cannot spot reduce fat. Overall fat reduction is recommended, plus continuing your strength training to build muscle.

          One suggestion that has helped me is standing at work rather than sitting. I can't promote it enough. Your employer might be willing to get you some kind of modified desk arrangement so you can alternate sitting and standing. What I did was instead of using my desk, I use a bookshelf next to it to put my laptop on. I stand about 6 hours out of the day now rather than sitting almost all day. It's made my weight much easier to manage, as well as it has helped my tight hamstrings and low back pain.