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    i've been primal now for about 3 months... during the first two months i saw radical changes and loved it... i've now stabilized my weight and body fat, though i still want to lose more... the reason for this post is over the past 3 weeks, i've been off work ( a little vacation mode) and have been having severe carb cravings.... i've been working out more with mountain biking every other day and cross-fit in between... my lack of weight change i'm attributing to the increase in strength and muscle i'm building at cross-fit, but for some reason can't shake these carb craving urges... its frustrating and has actually led me to cheat and regress a little bit.. any suggestions or help... thanks...

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    Intermittent Fast. Come off of the Fast with Meat only. Followed by Coconut Oil.


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      most people dont realize that as you lean out and gain more muscle, your protein requirements go up. Try eating more protein to support the muscle youre building. I feel like your recent carb cravings lets you know your body is needing energy to fuel and maintain this muscle. How many carbs are you eating per day and how much protein? Your body may be converting your current dietary protein intake into carbs more readily if you are exercising a lot.....something thats not nescesarily ideal. If you make sure your fat intake is roughly half of your calories (as opposed to 70% or 80%), and you increase protein, decrease calories to a managable deficit, and throw in some IF, you will start to lose again, and maintain your muscle mass at the same time.
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