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Beyond off-course...please advise

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  • Beyond off-course...please advise

    My primal eating has gone way off-course, and I don't really know how to fix it. I don't know what to do other than finally ask for some encouragement and advice.

    I'm having a problem I've encountered many times over the past few years (or, really, my whole like--I'm 25). Basically, the idea of eating any protein or fat (if the fat is in a savory item--sweets don't seem to be a problem) is repulsive to me for much of the day. This led to an eating disorder for a while, but most of the time (including now), it just makes me only willing to eat crappy carbs. I'll make up a batch of something awesome from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook and bring some to work for lunch and then refuse to eat it, either grabbing a cupcake or whatever after work instead or eating nothing. I forced myself to eat some awesome primal chili the other day and thought I might ralph the whole time. I couldn't finish it. That night, I think I had chocolate ice cream for dinner.

    Which has led to me gaining back most of the 15 pounds I've lost.

    I think this is related to stress. I'm nervous lately about a possible move (a good thing) and a class I'm teaching for the first time (also a good thing), and I just have this constant slightly-nauseous, anxious/excited, not-wanting-to-eat feeling.

    Can anyone think of anything I can do? This morning, I made myself have eggs and bacon at a restaurant, and that was okay, not great. Then I went to a big family picnic and couldn't make myself eat the salmon--only frybread, some chips and dip, and a cupcake. I don't know how to force-feed myself the good stuff and quit the crap.

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    I'm a 20 something myself and I hear ya on the stress, anxiety food issues as well as disordered eating. It takes time and trust to change those habits, and don't worry- it will happen when you want it and your ready!
    Seems like a mix of mind of matter and perhaps the texture/appearance of animal products prepared alone.
    Fortunately to start getting on track to a healthy primal level theres no mandate or need to be eating lard , hunks of beef, or even bacon etc etc.. I stick to eating a lot of primal veggies, sauted with olive oil and a little butter to keep some good fats. Fruits, nuts, fish, leaner cuts of meats.
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      I also struggle with this sometimes, where I feel nauseous at the thought of protein/fat. I usually turn to lighter choices, like soup, BAS, and seafood. Things that don't feel heavy or fatty, but are still awesomely primal. It's getting easier and easier with practice to realise I'm feeling this way and attack it head on so I don't end up eating something carby and awful.
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        Is it a texture thing?

        My advice would be to eat the protein/ fatty meals when you feel up up to it. The rest of the time, when fats and protein seem unpalatable, have a bunch of veggies tossed with a touch of butter. Or a veg filled BAS.

        Don't force yourself to eat anything, especially if you feel like you're going to ralph, That just reinforces the ickiness you're already associating with fats and protein.

        And boy do I hear you about stress leading to carb binging. At least in your case it's good stressors


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          Also, two steps forward and one step back is still forward motion. Don't beat yourself up too hard about going through an "off" patch as long as you get back on.


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            Thanks, all, for the responses. I think it is a texture thing, in part--and for some reason, lean meats are much more difficult than fatty ones, though both are difficult. I think a lot of this might stem from me having gallbladder disease in college and not being able to tolerate animal fats--problems are gone now, but bad associations remain once in a while, when I get like this.

            Fruit and nuts are definitely working for me, and fortunately, my fruit comes from a CSA so I know it's good stuff. I've been having trouble with seafood anyway because I recently came off a phase of extreme seafood enthusiasm--not hard, living in Seattle--and I'm really over it.

            I'm thinking I might try a salad at some point. I don't usually like salad, but it sounds pretty good. Maybe with avocado, bacon, olive oil, no vinegar. It's really weird that bacon is ok for me, since I've only recently tolerated it.

            The really frustrating part was that I was doing so well! I finally found a way of eating that was totally working for me! At least I know that things will be normal again in September.


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              Your body is still sugar/high-carb dependent, it's a drug! You have to break the habit and never turn back, trust me, your cravings will go away. I suggest going cold turkey, it may take a couple weeks and it's going to be tough, but in the end your cravings will go away.

              - Just use a little conscious self-discipline,
              - Deal with the stress other ways (do 10 push-ups, go on a walk with your ipod/dog, call someone and talk about fun stuff, sing out loud)
              - Don't force feed yourself anything if you're not hungry.. even at a picnic.. even if you haven't eaten all day (or 2)..

              Good luck and update us!


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                I'm just not sure that that's all that's happening. When I went paleo in March, this didn't happen at all. And I wasn't sugar/carb-dependent when this began. I was on an extremely effective low-carb diet. It completely collapsed all at once.

                Another concern: if I don't make myself eat, and I try my hardest to only eat good things, I might not be eating at all. And I know that IF is a good thing, but only if I'm not carb-dependent, correct? Because now, when I don't eat, I get extremely nauseous, emotional, and much less functional. The stress is on me because I've got a lot on my plate, and I do need to be functional right now. Also, self-discipline goes out the window.

                Today's plan: try bacon & eggs for breakfast, bring some primal walnut-date coconut balls to work in case I crave sweets, and bring (PB cookbook) salmon chowder and hope for the best.


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                  i have no idea what to suggest - i get a (much milder) version of that sometimes when eating a big steak. half-way or 3/4 the way through and I can't eat another bite - not because I'm full, I get a full on gag reflex. no idea what it is, as it happens sometimes with the most delicious steaks...