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Just ordered Damage Control Mater Formula, quick question.

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  • Just ordered Damage Control Mater Formula, quick question.

    As the title states I ordered the damage control master formula. Wanted to give it a try. Now I currently take Greens+ supplement once a day. I'm wondering if adding the DCMF will put me over some of my RDAs for certain things. Like to much of a good thing is bad type of deal. I'd appreciate if anyone could give some insight into taking both supplements.

    There is the link to the actual supp I'm taking atm, with the nutritional facts.


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    I think it would be fine to take these two supps together. Things you want to look for are how much of the fat soluble Vitamins (A, D, E, K) you're getting from both and in rare cases, how many of the B's. Both look fine when taken together, you won't be getting too much of a good thing.
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      thanks for the helpi wasn't sure what to look out for