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Coconut milk quistion

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  • Coconut milk quistion

    I saw a post about putting coconut milk in the fridge and when you open it, its like ice cream. I just took out a can of light coconut from my fridge and its still runny. Should i use a full fat cream or am i suppose to freeze the can?

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    Use full-fat coconut milk. You don't need to freeze the can unless you're not planning to use it for a while. Also, not all coconut milk thickens in the fridge. This is totally fine, don't worry about it! If you want to make ice cream, blend the coconut milk with whatever else you'd like (honey, cocoa powder, blueberries, raspberries, etc.) and put the mixture in the freezer. Take it out every thirty minutes and stir. Do this for about three hours. :]


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      Or you can pour off the creamy part and leave the watery bit, whip up with electric beaters with cocoa powder, 1tsp honey, vanilla etc for about two minutes and put back in fridge, thickens up wonderfully. It is like mousse, really really yummy, you can eat with anything after that. I like it just off the spoon.


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        I found So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk at my grocery store and love it. I keep a box in the fridge. It's far better than the canned stuff and tastes great. Good source of fat and calories on days you are lacking.


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          Mine thickens right up in the fridge. Don't have the brand off hand. Didn't freeze well though, just became rock-hard and basically inedible.

          I haven't tried the "light" variety...although I'm not sure why I ever would


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            Mine thickens up in the fridge alone as well, but as noted above, always going with the full fat variety. Not to highjack or create a tangent, but where is everyone getting theirs without guar gum? I've been to WF, TJ, Roche Bros, Shaws, etc...and all have guar gum. Probably going to crack a can tonight and add cocoa powder and whip it up.


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              After trying out a few brands I decided my favorite so far is Native Forest CM. Usually I bought it at Whole Foods or another organic store that I like. When I eat it with berries it is always so smooooth.

              This weekend I picked up a few cans of the same brand at a different store - a typical grocery store (I can't believe they carried this brand) and when I was eating it with berries it was kinda gross! It was grainy and the little pieces of coconut made it taste like there was sand mixed in. I could see the particles too. That was the first can I've opened from that store hopefully the others I bought aren't as bad. I don't know why the same brand would have such a completely different texture!

              Has anyone else noticed this in their CM? ?