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IF and vomiting

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  • IF and vomiting

    Looking for some help. I have been fasting once weekly for about 18 to 20 hours at a time. However the past 3 weeks after the first thing i eat after my fast i vomit. This makes no sense and isnt fun, any one experience this or have any ideas? After I fast i eat a smallish meal and then have a large meal its not like im just gorging till i get sick. Also after it happend the past two weeks last week i decided to break my fast with just one hard boiled egg to see if i could keep it down...i couldnt!

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    sometimes it's all in the food you eat when you break your fast.

    I believe people who fast on a regular basis for religious purposes ease into it with fruit. Try a piece of banana or something. That's typically pretty easy on the stomach.
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      might be a stomach acid imbalance...i would take a swig of vinegar at the end of the fats then eat
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