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  • Biofeedback

    I really think primal is individual and everyone needs to do what works for them. someone elses diet is not yours, nor do you need to mock someones diet because for them it works. no one knows your body better than you so i have a few questions regarding biofeedback.

    i understand the concept of listening to your body. but what questions should you ask yourself in regards to finding what it is that works for you?

    my ideas:

    how full do i get from fat? carbs? protein?
    am i shaky after or before eating?
    do i have dips or swings after certain foods?
    do some things give me gas/constipation etc?
    do some foods cause indegestion?
    does a mixed meal leave me satisfied?
    what give me the best energy?
    do some food trigger joint pain?
    do some foods trigger cravings?
    does a food make my heart rise and temples beat?
    does a certain food leave me run down?

    what about you? how do you scale your biofeedback with primal?
    Get on my Level