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What to eat after INTENSE sprint workout??

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  • What to eat after INTENSE sprint workout??

    Just finished my first ALL OUT sprint workout in about 8-9days....

    5 min. warmup, 20 min spin bike sprints (30 sec-1 min on, 2 min cool down) 5 min complete cool down.

    Heart rate at or above 180 right after sprint (I am 43, resting rate 61)....

    Feel a tad sick.....thought....banana before I even got is AM.....did workout on empty tummy-

    What now....full egg/bacon breakfest? Wait a bit? Head is a little foggy, did eat the banana...

    What has worked for you guys?


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    Milk & double cheeseburger.

    Nah. Just whatever you were going to eat next, plus some good carbs.
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      I like the cheeseburger idea....actually my fav i miss cheese......

      Thx for the quick post!


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        If I remember correctly you are pretty new to PB. I have to say a good amino protien powder shake with low glycmic fruits works great(& easy). However as time goes on living primal you will feel much better after workouts. @ this point I can do a kickass workout @ the end of an 18 hour Intermitan fast, & eat afterward only because I think I should, not because Im dying. You are about to experience a lot of 360 degree changes as you detox. Took me 6 weeks to feel great, just finished week 16. Also it depends on your goals. I am certainly not an expert...thank god, Apperantly all the experts are wrong & have been my entire life.
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          Personally, I would just eat like you normally would on the same schedule. I sprint at about 5:00 to 6:00 in the morning then I eat around 11:00. Maximize the release of HGH and burn more fat for fuel. Find what works best for you and stick with it.
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