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industrial meat vs organic grains

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  • industrial meat vs organic grains

    hey there!

    I guess it is better to eat grain-fed beef or chicken raised with hormones than it is to eat organic wheat?
    Assuming I cant afford organic beef...

    I mean the primal concern should be what kind one eats, not under what circumstances the food was risen?

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    First, hormones have been outlawed in the use of meat sold in the US. So you dont have to worry about that, however conventional meat has antibiotics that you could live without. I say do some research about farms in your area that might sell grassfed beef/organic meat in bulk (sometimes as low as 3-4$ a lb). If thats not an option, conventional meat will have to suffice but make sure to take Omega3 supplements, as the ratio of conventional meat (3:6) is not as good.

    Wheat is never a good option, organic or not.
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      I'd say meat. Although it is not in optimal shape, it is still not the poison that grains are. Grains are also not a complete source of proteins, and are totally void of nutrition. Industrial meats are at least complete protein sources, but the omegas are thrown off in comparison to organic meats. You may want to supplement with good vitamins, minerals, and omega threes alongside though, and attempt to find the cleanest meats possible.
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        Even the cheapest meat is full of nutrients and protein and has minimal toxins. On the other hand, grains are by nature full of shit.
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          While I generally try to avoid CAFO meat in all its forms, I eat non-organic, unclean meat about 4 times a month, during the only times I find myself at a resturant. If you are eating cleanly for the rest of the time, the amount of unclean meat ingested is small, and grains should never, ever be an option above meat! Organic grains do much more harm to your body than a hunk of commercially raised beef (every once in a while) will do.

          I go for grilled options of beef---less likely to come into contact with vegetable oils, and no sauces or anything else, just the meat. Salad dressings at restuarants all use canola or soybean oil, so I figure the best resturant option would be grilled fajitas or some other grilled lean beef, as opposed to chicken, which has a higher O6 content, and I feel, higher hormone and antibiotic content content in general. In Austin the beef used in restuarant has a higher chance of being locally raised, too, so thats plus.
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