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Borderline/High Lipid Profile and PB

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  • Borderline/High Lipid Profile and PB

    Does anyone have experience in dealing with an existing borderline/high lipid profile and not seeing changes to (or worsening)standard lab parameters (total cholesterol, LDLs, trigly) after on PB for awhile?

    I consider myself about 80% PB (food intake close to 99% but drink alcohol occasionally, exercise is currently inconsistent). I have been doing PB for about 10 months..and recently saw a big spike in my triglyceride levels..(over 250) and of course my MD wanted me on a "diet". I don't get too caught up on actual #s per se..but in the long run I do not want get into potential issues with insurance based on lab values putting me in some risk category.

    I know with the emphasis on fat in PB, lipid profile measurements could look different.

    Is anyone in the same boat and were you able to adjust your PB food/drink intake to have some positive impact on the "traditional" lab tests?

    While on PB, I've been feeling great and want to continue (and do better with my activity level).

    Would also love any PB friendly tips on helping my lipid profile.

    If anyone knows a good resource/site that has a search for potentially PB friendly physicians, please pass it on..especially in the SE Pennsylvania area.


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    Can you post all of your numbers?

    You mentioned wanting to improve your activity level. This is very important in terms of improving HDL:LDL ratios.

    Fish oil brings down triglycerides quickly. Take as much as is needed. There's never any need to spend on high priced, so called pharmaceutical grade fish oil. All molecularly distiled fish oil (ie everything on the market) has the same level of purity. While most fish oils have a predominace of EPA, DHA actually occurs at more significant amounts in wild fish, indicating to me that we should be taking in more DHA than EPA.

    Here's a document from somewhere in marks posts showing the ratios of DHA:EPA in wild fish. I added some information about various fish oil brands:

    Now Foods, DHA-500, 500 DHA / 250 EPA, 180 Softgels $28.68 msrp: $44.99 (36% Off)
    ➝ 1 per 10 lbs body weight is appropriate for the first few weeks of dosing
    ➝ 3 per day totaling 1.5 g DHA and 750 mg EPA
    ➝ why this ratio? to mimic DHA/EPA ratios we'd get from wild fish
    ➝ best value on fish oil per g DHA/EPA
    ➝ take with digestive enzymes and/or lecithin granules to aid digestion with
    the initial high doses
    ➝ all at once or spread out; with or without food; am or pm
    ➝ experiment to find the dosing and timing that works for you

    This is another good one if you prefer a liquid, but it's incredibly expensive:
    Carlson Labs, MedOmega Fish Oil 2800, Balanced Concentrate, Orange Flavor, 3.3 fl oz (100 ml)$25.94 msrp:$39.90
    1.2g dha/epa each, per 5 ml
    240mg dha/epa each per ml
    equiv. to 240 mg ea per capsule

    •consider tracking Ω3 and Ω6 intake then dosing fish oil accordingly to balance Ω3/6 in a 1:1 ratio.
    •Eat more produce (see my postassium doc below)
    •be sure your 25(OH)D levels are right around 65 ng/mL (don't go by 'lab norms'.....and be sure to use labcorp or zrt, not quest....see my D doc below)

    Optimal amounts of D can be obtained in some part of the US this time of year if you're getting midday, full body exposure to the point just before a burn, but otherwise (ie if you work indoors) supplementation will be required year round.

    I supplement daily, year round with the twice weekly exception during the summer when I make a point to get out in my bikini for 35 minutes, each side around noon. Many who get little/no midday exposure will need D3 at the rate of 1000 IU per 25 lbs body weight daily.

    My D supplement is Nature's Answer d3 drops -each drop containing 2000 IU vitamin d in an olive oil base. The link to the product at (my fave online supplement warehouse) is in my links below.

    iherb referral code CIL457- $5 off first order


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      Thanks for the reply...

      I am away from my home so don't have my #s in hand, but when I get back..i'll post..

      I have been taking omega 3s from the primal store everyday for the past 6 months...thanks for the articles..i'll give them a look...