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fish oil / vitamin E and Platelets

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  • fish oil / vitamin E and Platelets

    Has anyone heard of anyone overdoing the fish oil and vitamin E having decreased platelet numbers?

    I am aware that fish oil and Vitamin E decreases platelet aggregation which generally is a good thing but maybe if aggregation is decreased, more platelets would be used up in healing?

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    In a quick search I didn't see anything about fish oil causing thrombocytopenia. One indicated that because platelets are activated less on fish oil, they last longer.


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      I can tell you about this in approximately one month. Got an appointment with a hematologist, because I have a mild bleeding disorder (Von Willebrand's disease). From what my PCP and amateurish research tells me, platelet aggregation problems do no really occur in healthy people taking fish oil. For example, Inuits ate loads and loads of fish and they didn't, anecdotally, have such problems. And case studies haven't been presented in peer-reviewed journals either, so anything less than three grams of omega-3's is probably totally okay.


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        I just replied to another post regarding bleeding. Fish oil and vitamin E are both blood thinners and combining the two can cause bleeding. That was certainly the case with me. I'm taking nose bleeds, tiny scratches bleeding out, light pressure to the skin, even I brow waxing. Reducing the fish oil and nixing the vitamin E altogether solved the problem.


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          I guess it varies for individuals. I was prescribed clopidogrel and baby aspirin after stenting. Asked GP if it was safe to supplement with fish oil and Vit E and was told yes. Together, it was all too much - lots of bruising and would bleed easily. Cut out the clopidogrel and things improved but still some bruising. All better when I also cut the aspirin. To placate my wife, I'm now taking baby aspirin three times per week, with 6000mg of fish oil and 900IU of Vit E per day. No bruising or bleeding
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