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  • gallbladder

    i have a friend who is having serious gallballder problems. Does anyone have any experience/advice? would love to find a way to avoid removal of it. her diet has not been primal.

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    Serious gall bladder problems are nothing to trifle with--and removal is always advised because the complications can be fatal.

    Eating primal will not help in this situation and could make it worse.


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      probably good advice, unfortunately she has no insurance at this time


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        Depending on how bad it is, eating primal could potentially help, but it depends on the root cause of gallbladder inflammation. I would recommend that your friend try eating gluten-free and grain-free to see if it helps. Even if she does end up having it taken out, gallbladder issues can be an indication of a serious gluten sensitivity (it shows up differently in different people), and could/would potentially cause additional issues.

        I am by no means advocating that it is a replacement for gallbladder removal if she has an acute issue, but lifestyle changes are much easier to try, that surgery. Knowing what the gallbladder does for digestion, I would do everything I could to keep mine.
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          I get gallbladder attacks when I get off track and have a couple breakfast biscuit sandwiches everyday . But just fat, without the grains, doesn't bother my gallbladder. I don't know that this would be true for anyone else though. Even though the classic story is that fatty meals trigger attacks, it's actually a poor correlation. I think different people will have different triggers. I'm hoping to avoid having my gallbladder out, but obviously if an attack of biliary colic turns into true cholecystitis, you don't have a great deal of choice.


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            Your friend needs to see a doctor. Emmie is correct. Untreated gallbladder disease is life-threatening. I've had three different friends who put off dealing with gallbladder issues and ended up in emergency surgery.