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Living Proof that Stress Stalls Weight Loss

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  • Living Proof that Stress Stalls Weight Loss

    I just checked my weight loss graph that I started in January, just before becoming Primal. I had been laid off the day before Thanksgiving, and not wanting to waste my time off, I'd decided to work towards regaining my health as one of my projects. I did pretty good, too, losing about 13 pounds, slowly but steadily. On April 11, according to the graph, my weight loss started evening out, and even going back up a bit. That's the week I began a ridiculously stressfull temp job. Twelve hour days, six days per week. Eating breakfast in the car, and lunch and dinner at my desk. I kept it primal, eating mostly high fat meat and occasionally a few raw veggies when I remembered, because with that schedule it was all I had time to fix, and by God, NOTHING was going to make me go back to junk food. Lord knows I needed the energy that Primal eating gave me. With all that fat and meat I couldn't understand why I wasn't losing weight, but there it was.

    Last Friday the temp job ended. Boom, just like that. "Today's going to be your last day." Ah, the life of a temp. And I've dropped a pound and a half, in less than a week. Not that being unemployed isn't stressful, mind you. But I am eating a nice, leisurely breakfast, eating lunch and dinner when I'm hungry, and taking some nice long walks in the neighborhood again. If anything my carb count has gone up -- fruit with breakfast, cooked veggies and raw salads with lunch and dinner. Mmmm, broccoli, I've missed you!

    I think the leisurely life suits me. If it weren't for those pesky bills...