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Diet while on vacation?

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  • Diet while on vacation?

    3 weeks of PB and I'm doing great! I'm also taking a vacation for two weeks to Costa Rica and am wondering if any of you have any tips on how I can pretty much stay on the diet as much as possible. I'm going to admit that i'm going to "cheat" some what with the alcohol and food most likely, however I'd like to keep the basics down. Any thoughts for PB- travel style? lol.


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    I have now taken two 2-week trips on PB, one to London and the other to Colombia. I fell of the PB bandwagon both times, and ended up half-primal and half-whatever. At least you won't be eating the SAD in any case, in Costa Rica. You just have to be flexible. You'll have access to lots of great meat and fish at every meal, probably, so stick with that. You'll be tempted by tons of amazing new fruit, so indulge and enjoy life. I found that if i could stick to eggs and meat and coffee at breakfast (and fruit), and not snack, I did more or less fine on the trips. Actually I think I had plateaued before Colombia but maybe did a "leptin reset" and lost 5 lbs shortly after returning. You are only 3 weeks in, so maybe that won't apply though.
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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      What is SAD? Thanks for the reply!


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        SAD = Standard American Diet.

        Choose MEAT first, veggies second and carbs third and you should be fine.

        I'm going to PERU in two weeks (haven't been there in 10 years! I was born there...) and while many of our foods aren't primal friendly I'm going to do my best to have foods in the order I described above... and of course avoid processed stuff, sodas, candies, pastas, etc. Remember to enjoy your vacation though!
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          In 2006 I lived in Argentina and the meat was heaven! I wish I would have been on the PB then..... ahh... bife de lomo, choripan (minus the pan), milanesa......