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How many calories do I need

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  • How many calories do I need

    Ok so I've been primal for about two months... I'd say about 85% of the time. Weight loss is pretty good, workouts have been fair (Crazy job, planning wedding, etc).

    My question is, I've seen a couple of people saying somehwere between 2500-3000 calories works for them!

    This seems like a ton. I track on FITDAY most of the time, and find myself at around 1500-1700 calories a lot of the time. I'm 6 feet tall, 215 pounds. Looking to slim down and tone up. My ideal weight is probably right around 200, as i'm pretty broad.

    Help is appreciated.

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    Lyle McDonald (google for more information if you like) provided a rough guestimate of maintenance calories for invidiuals:

    14-16 calories per lb per day.

    For your current weight of 215, that is 3010 - 3440. To be clear, maintenance is defined as the intake in which you don't lose weight at all (ie: maintain). There are more complex ways to figure out your daily expenditure, but this is as good as it gets for a 2 second calculation.

    Obviously, activities and goals factor in as well. From what I read and have experienced personally, you want to at least get 1 g/lb of protein (215 g /day for you) to help prevent muscle loss during weight loss, at least some fats (I think .1 g /lb at LEAST, not sure), and the rest depends on your goals.


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      I'll add, he also recommends 10-12 cal/lb for weight loss. So for you that is: 2150 - 2580.

      IMHO - your current intake seems low, but it depends on your macro-breakdown (getting enough protein/fats) and your activity.


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        I would be careful with the calories. I find that most calculators overestimate for me at least. I am 5'9", 165 or so, and 39 years old. Because most of my day is working in an office, I don't burn a lot of calories. If I eat over 2000 per day, then start gaining. So, I keep around 1600-1900 based on the level of my activity.

        I think you have to consider several factors such as age and activity before going to calories.


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          I agree, I am 6' and 205, I need to be under 2k per day to lose weight. I sit most all day at work.


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            Thanks all.

            I'm at a desk job at work myself, so maybe that's why? I play 2 softball games a week, and lift twice a week usually. I guess I'll just listen to my body and do what it says!


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              I find this works well.
              Be hungry= Loose
              Be full= maintain
              Stuff yourself=Gain

              This assumes you are eating the right foods. If you are off the blood glucose roller coaster than just listen to your body. No calculator needed. Yeah!