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extended fast and intestine worms?!

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  • extended fast and intestine worms?!

    ok, so i've been primal now since mid april'ish. so far i'm down 45lb, which is great...all my co-workers have noticed a huge difference in me...

    my supervisor, he has been asking me a lot of questions, even been watching fat head/king corn/food inc...

    hes almost ready to jump all in, but he keeps telling me that IF doesn't really do a lot and if i really wanted the benefits of fasting, i should do a 45 day fast...

    now part makes sense to me...the part that it shuts down your digestive system and allows your body to heal (but i would still be lacking a lot of nutrients)

    but he said when he did his fast, that he was trying to get rid of worms and that he saw them after like 20-30 days in start showing up...

    so what can you guys tell me? i know i don't want to colon cleanse (gut flora is good) but what do you guys think about extended fasting and the possibility of worms? (journal)

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    Haha, wait, what? Do you have worms? Or do you think you have worms? If so, I would seek MEDICAL attention FIRST before, you know, you stop eating for OVER A MONTH! ...Our body is an AMAZING entity. Each organ is an amazing thing in itself... Like, for instance, the LIVER, which detoxes and cleanses the body (when you allow it to functional correctly, of course.) I would totally NOT advise going to the extreme you presented.

    On a side note, I love intermittent fasting not just for the short and HEALTHY break from digestion, but it also is incredibly convenient and helps differentiate between hunger and cravings. Plus, there are so many ways to do it. Just... Probably not a good idea to do it for the rest of the summer. Be safe! :-)
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      Doesn't do a lot in regard to what? 'Detoxifying' the body?

      primal_jessjane is right, the body is an amazing thing and it detoxifies itself - as long as you are eating real food. A 45 day fast sounds kinda dumb to me.


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        Your supervisor doesn't know what he's talking about.
        A couple years ago I tried a fast that lasted 8 days and around that time I went on the curezone forums. The people on there who habitually fast for long periods of time were all tired, pale, puffy and unhealthy looking. And a few of them were quite fat. Go figure.
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          yes..there is no basis of biological appropriateness for a 45 day fast.

          And there may be some benefit to, uh, organisms living in our gut:

          Inflammatory bowel disease is less common in the developing world. Some have suggested that this may be because intestinal parasites are more common in underdeveloped countries. Some parasites are able to reduce the immune response of the intestine, an adaptation that helps the parasite colonize the intestine. The decrease in immune response could reduce or eliminate the inflammatory bowel disease.
          Helminthic therapy using the whipworm Trichuris suis has been shown in a randomized control trial from Iowa to show benefit in patients with ulcerative colitis. The therapy tests the hygiene hypothesis which argues that the absence of helminths in the colons of patients in the developed world may lead to inflammation. Both helminthic therapy and fecal bacteriotherapy induce a characteristic Th2 white cell response in the diseased areas, which is somewhat paradoxical given that ulcerative colitis immunology was thought to classically involve Th2 overproduction.[44]>>

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            Did your supervisor take a fasting product/"supplement" during that time? Some of those contain ingredients that will coagulate in your intestines so that they look wormy coming out... that way they can say "see, our product works, it's clearing out worms!"

            Mark's page on intermittent fasting has some links to scientific studies or other articles showing some benefit to IF, if you wanted something to share with your supervisor.
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              thanks all, i wasn't planning on going on an extended fast as it just didn't add up. but thanks for the links and all the info, its always good to hear.


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