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List your supplements, and brand please.

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  • List your supplements, and brand please.


    So, I've been looking at Mark's supplements for sale. They seem good, but $$$.

    I'm staring at what's in my cupboard, and I'm trying to figure out what I REALLY need.

    What are you taking? How much? What brand? Is your brand choice based on quality? or $$


    Oh, I couldn't find a thread for this... if there is one, would you mind posting the link and I'll continue there.

    Again, Thanks.

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    Vitamin D - Healthy Origins 360 Soft Gels, 5000 IU CHEAP and that will will last you nearly a year (assuming 1 a day)
    Omega 3 - Carlson's Fish Oil - High dose, good taste, decent price.
    Protein - Optimum Nutrition WPI - A bit pricey but is the best.
    Zinc - Now Foods - Reasonable Price like the brand.
    Calcium - Now Foods - As Above
    Magnesium - Natural Calm - Ultimate muscle relaxant in my mind.
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