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Prednisone—almost chewed my own arm off today

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  • Prednisone—almost chewed my own arm off today

    I’m on multiple medications for an allergic reaction I’m having to some bug spray that was sprayed around my office just over two weeks ago. When the doc started me on Prednisone a week ago, I was worried, because I know it affects insulin levels. I’ve been on it before and have gained weight. I was fine the first week, but today the hunger hit like an avalanche.

    By noon I had eaten my office emergency stash of jerky, the veggies and dip I usually have right before my commute home, and the special dark chocolate squares I save for those special “I want to kill my co-workers” moments. When I finally went out to lunch with some friends, I slipped and ate a flour tortilla and a handful of chips before I got myself under control and finished off the fajita meat, veggies, sour cream and guac.

    I wandered around the office in the afternoon craving all kinds of crunchy, salty, sweet junk, but luckily it was 111 degrees and my body would not take that final step to schlep to the neighboring building which has a junk food (vending) machine.

    I’m trying to plan for tomorrow with lots of primal food to ensure I can kill the hunger without killing my healthy resolve. I’ve got:
    BAS w/5 oz chicken, avocado, olives, tomatoes, & olive oil dressing
    2 hard boiled eggs
    1 oz sunflower seeds
    2 frozen coconut oil “ice cubes”
    Cauliflower and Greek yogurt dip

    Any other suggestions? I only have three more days of the Prednisone to go, so I’m hoping that my weight at least stays stable until it clears out of my system.
    Food should be fun--Thomas Keller

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    I'm thinking veggies are good for bulk and keeping your jaws busy while not adding too many joules... you already got that covered... jerky is nice and chewy?

    if it's upping insulin, will some carbs give the insulin 'something to do' ???

    I'd try not to stress about it too much, it's only a few days, eat if you need to and make up for it later. Freaking yourself out over it will only up your stress levels.
    If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat? Tom Snyder


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      I know it's not quite the same but my dog has a brain tumer and we treat it with steroids (used to be prednisone). He turns into a ravenous little beastie and goes wild for anything. I mean anything... when he was on prednisone we kept his beastie at bay with baby carrots. Crisp, sweet, low calorie, high fiber, healthy, and it takes a while to eat them. He didn't gain any weight from those. Don't know if that will help you but its worth a shot. Good luck. 3 days shouldn't be too bad.


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        I told myself when the Prednisone was prescribed that I wouldn't worry about losing weight until it was all out of my system. I knew that would be lunacy. It's just frustrating when I haven't had hunger issues in a couple of weeks. The PB was really working for me, hunger-wise, so I knew that my weight would eventually go down when my body adjusted to the changes.

        GRRR, just mad that this dumb (yet highly effective medicine) is slowing my progress. Ah well, evolution takes time.
        Food should be fun--Thomas Keller


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          I can't imagine what it must feel like, if it is anything like my dogs. I feel so bad for him, he's so hungry. I am glad the medicine is working and you will be back to the fantastic appetite control that PB gives you