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  • Build Your Own Energy Bar...

    Design your own custom energy bar perfectly tailored to your personal taste and nutritional needs.

    Our Build-a-Bar page allows you to design anything from High protein low carb energy bars to gluten free protein bars.

    Each customized nutrition bar is handmade and Guaranteed Delicious. Build your own custom protein bar today!

    Has anyone tried this service yet?
    Cheers, Primal-Belle

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    woo doggy those are expensive, mine came out to like 3.50 a bar! I mean the ingredients look great and the nutritional values were where I wanted them, but out of my price range at the moment =(


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      I have done this once before. The bars came out great and I thoroughly enjoyed them! The price is not friends with my wallet but I did it a few months ago. As a twice a year thing its worth the money
      Find me at Cheers!


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        Thanks. I travel often and thought it might be worth trying just to have something easy and when on the go.
        Cheers, Primal-Belle


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          Energy/protein/etc. bars tend to be expensive in general. Thought about getting some of these for a specific purpose, like at the end of a long distance hike or ride.

          Maybe also as a personalized gift for someone.