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"Nutrition experts reveal whats in their shopping cart!!"

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  • "Nutrition experts reveal whats in their shopping cart!!"

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    What a trainwreck. The article basically promotes a manichean view of nutrition that the option with lower saturated fat is always healthier (although I have to give them credit for mentioning that margerine historically has been significantly less healthy due to our utter inability to mimic nature safely). Cotton candy or fish oil? Well, the candy has 0 grams saturated fat! I digress...

    I think the whole problem encapsulated by this article begins with the first sentence. "Legend has it that grocery shopping used to be a one-hour gig." WTF? How long does it take people now? I usually spend 15 mins. tops in the store, with half the time spent waiting in line behind the guy buying 600 cans of diet soda. a few minutes in produce, and a few more at the butcher, then maybe down one or two isles if I need tp or something. I guess the implication is that people now spend hours deliberating between two different products based on each one's competing health claims on the packages. The reality of course is that health claims on packages are designed to convince you to buy the package, not to tell you the truth or make you healthier.

    This highlights the most transformative aspect of the PB for me, and I am sure for a lot of people. It, along with some of the really good journalism I follow, demonstrates a fundamental reality that most people ignore: there is a difference between what you are told, and what is true. This realization, that the truth has become neither easy nor obvious, is key to understanding everything from health to happiness to government, and thus the key to living a fulfilled life.