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  • Lovaza

    I just saw a commercial for this, but apparently it's been around for years? Lovaza is a patented prescription fish oil supplement. Does anyone know what exactly is different about it, other than it costing more and having better PR?

    This sums up my thoughts nicely. It's amazing to me how much healthcare basically is a scam.
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    It's a move by big pharma to take over parts of the supplement market. Though resistance is futile, it is nonetheless honorable.
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      I've seen the commercials. And yes, they are just trying to get their hands on something that actually works for once and make money from it and they say it's not the same as you can get in a health food store...blah, blah....well, atleast it's a step in the right direction and may actually HELP people for once.


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        Why does fish oil need a drug-like name? It's the fucking oil from a fish. Call it what it is. FFS
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