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  • My goals this week

    I have to write them down here to make myself more accountable (I would appreciate if someone could 'check up' on me to make sure I am meeting my goals).

    This week, I plan on getting to the gym to do some good slow elliptical at least another 3 times (went on Sat, walked for 3 hours on Sun, and went today). Next week, I plan on cutting out dairy almost altogether and concentrating on eating eggs, meat, veggies and fruit. Hopefully that will kickstart my weight loss.

    Any other suggestions (bearing in mind that I have about 85-90 lbs to lose) would be much appreciated!

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    sounds like a plan.
    sometimes it helps if u schedule stuff like that in your phone with a little alarm that goes off like 15 minutes prior to remind u to go.


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      Good luck hitting your goals! I have been training for a 5k, but here lately i have not been very consistent I need to be held more accountable. I have decided not to give up on dairy, a big class of organic whole milk after a workout really hits the sport! Anyway good luck to you!