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  • cholesterol?

    can anyone analyze these numbers? it's for a friend


    HDL is 19, LDL is 144 and Triglycerides are 162

    - sorry, typo corrected
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    I assume the first number is HDL, not LDL.

    Overall, according to typical lab reference ranges, the first number is too low and the second two are way too high.

    Many doctors now look a the ratio of LDL:HDL rather than the absolute numbers. I think the goal there is to be at 4 or less, and ideally at 3 or less. Someone doing primal workouts and eating a primal diet might have an LDL of 144, but the HDL should be much higher (mine was 79 two weeks ago) and triglycerides below 100 are not uncommon.


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      You have two(2) values for LDL. Was one of them supposed to be HDL?


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        Those are not good numbers in any respect, frankly. I assume the first one is HDL, not LDL - if it was LDL that would be even worse though.
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          Are they primal or have they started primal? If not then just dropping grains and sugar would likely show a major improvement in those numbers. They need to do something because the HDL is too low, and the trig are too high. Not a good combination.