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PABA in multivitamins

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  • PABA in multivitamins

    I've seen Natrol My Favorite Multiple recommended lately, but was wondering about it including PABA as one of the supplemented items. I had an allergic reaction (rash) to PABA way back when it was in all the sunscreens. That was a long time ago, but I have since had reactions to both benzocaine and sulfa antibiotics, which are all (PABA, benzocaine and sulfa) cross reacting allergies, so I definitely have that allergy. I think most hair dyes also have a component that is in this same group, so I may have to try henna instead.

    Does anyone with these allergies have experience with vitamins containing PABA?

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    Nobody else has allergies to PABA (or the related ones: benzocaine, sulfa, hair dye)?