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    I have a client who has MS, just mild form, her MRI showed a few lesions on her spinal cord but the second she had a B12 shot the numbness nearly vanished. That's been well over a year ago and she feels wonderful..but, naturally, at first, she was fearful and was researching...she deals with a naturopathic Doctor but limited funds keep her from seeking his nutritional advice which is always a high fat, Sally Fallon type eating plan.
    So, I've been helping her research and of course, THIS diet she THRIVES on...but of course, we can't see what's going on inside of her. She wants to do the right thing and all of the 'MS' or "autoimmune' disease books espoise low blood acidity levels, veganism, etc.
    That being said, she is strong, very fit, feels wonderful, and loves her organic meats and tons of salads, organic eggs, nuts etc.

    I guess OUR question is are we doing the right thing? Who is to know..? The studies show a vegan diet can help those that suffer greatly from MS but she had limited symptoms and was never extreme...not someone who would fit into those 'studies' how can she know that this isn't going to harm? Is it a matter of tracking her ph levels or just let it all go...enjoy her food...and if she feels great, that's all that matters? I'm also teaching her about the power of the mind with healing, and the trauma that may have manifested this from an early age...and how harmful grains most likely were to her young system as a child....

    This is a confusing situation and there isn't proper advice or help out there for her. All she wants to do is the best thing for her immune system but she is also super fit and is doing amazing eating like I do. But, as I said, she can't see what's going on inside....and doesn't want to create any inflammation or future lesions. If only there was specific advice she could follow.

    She has started doing meditation...positive affirmations...changing life conditions that were stressful as well so she's on the right path in EVERY area. Could I please get advice from any of you who could guide her ??.I've tried to get all the info I can but it is all SO biased again meat...any acid forming foods... the dairy and wheat thing I get...but no meat either? help..!! Confused!!

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    The most important thing for her is getting sufficient vitamin d3 - enough to bring her blood levels up to 80ish ng/mL. see my doc below.

    If she's eating sufficient produce, this diet is very alkaline. Very.

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      ok, cool ..she does eat TONS of raw veggies...and one glass of fresh, vegetable juice made out of celery, cucumber and parsley EACH day as well. Her D3 is between 5-10,000 per day.... she does a tiny bit of dairy, but otherwise, the diet is brilliant! thankyou... she'll feel relief in knowing she's doing the best she can. :-)


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        The "vegan diet is good for MS" thing may be a little misleading. Loren Cordain says that his paleo diet can treat MS extremely well and it's due to removing grains, legumes and dairy. So if this "super duper miracle alkalizing diet" worked, my guess is that it was because of eliminating these foods, which just so happen to be acid-forming. And so if they reached the conclusion that an alkalinizing vegan diet is beneficial, they have no way of knowing whether it was the lack of acid-forming foods, lack of meat, or simply eliminating these neolithic nasties. But Cordain claims that it is definitely the neolithic junk.

        I point you toward Cordain. Here is a video . I think that he has an ebook or at least info on his site.

        edit: and of course the nutrition and vitamin d. Always the nutrition and vitamin d
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          yes, exactly..eliminating the grains, legumes and dairy would be a huge step...I agree...eating organic meats with MASSES of mostly raw veggies....but none of the other mentioned crap is a fabulously alkaline diet. :-) love u all!


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            don't forget citrus fruits, they have an alkalizing effect on the body as well.
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              we both drink filtered water with a lemon cube. here is my tip; squeeze approx a dozen , organic lemons, pour it all into two ice cube trays...freeze, remove and dumpe the frozen cubes into a zip loc bag. I always suck all the air out with a straw. So a 'lazy' man's quick lemon cubes to add to a big glass of water. :-)