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Pant Acid! (Vit B5).

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  • Pant Acid! (Vit B5).

    I think I'm low in Pant. Acid! I know Fitday is not the best source for tracking micronutrients, but I'm consistently lower than 50%, mostly at 25%. And that's for a normal person. I'm breastfeeding, and I just discovered via wikipedia that we need 7mg a day, more than 3 mg more than what Fitday advises.

    Wiki also noted that deficiency sufferers complained of burning feet. I have burning feet that drive me crazy! So maybe this is the answer! I'm going to pick up a supplement, but I know I can include more foods rich in B5. Any suggestions?

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    What foods provide Vitamin B5?

    Excellent sources of vitamin B5 include mushrooms.

    Very good sources of vitamin B5 include cauliflower.

    Good soruces of vitamin B5 include broccoli, calf's liver, turnip greens, sunflower seeds, tomato, strawberries, yogurt, eggs, winter squash, collard greens, chard and corn.
    I believe I've read it's best to supp the Bs together--so a B complex may be more beneficial than taking B5 alone. (I don't know a ton about it though.) Another option is nutritional yeast, if you'd like to go more w/ getting the vites from food. Now foods sells a good quality one that is not too expensive.
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      I'm skeptical about what's "reccomended" for us regarding our vitamin intake. I wouldn't look at it as an absolute.

      In any case, I freaking love B5. Pantothenic Acid has been my "magic pill" in maintaining clear, healthy skin without depending on harsh cleansers. It's almost freakishly effective. I have been taking 5-7 GRAMS everyday for about a month or so now, I buy them in bulk online. Please don't poo-poo me on mega-dosing... B is water-soluble and I take in companion with my strong B-complex multi. It is my most precious vitamin. :-)
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        Jessjane, that is really interesting.

        I've been reading that the "pantethine" version of Vitamin B5 is more effective than the customary pantothenic acid. I have some on order.

        Burning feet -- this is neuropathy (just the early stages of it). I'd suggest going to this site, read the page (the important stuff is at the bottom) and consider their supplement, which I'm taking for my neuropathy (from Miller Fisher Syndrome.)

        The main ingredients of it are the methyl form of Vitamin B12, and benfotiamine, a form of Vitamin B1 which is much better absorbed and more persistent in the body than the regular thiamine. Both of these vitamins are critical for nerve support. In spite of the large doses of methyl B12 in their supplement, I still take a sumblingual tablet of it (Jarrow brand). I had already found that it greatly improved my quality of sleep (made it much more like a young person's), and also improved small muscle coordination. (You also need to keep your bedroom very dark, so you can make melatonin. Vitamin B12 is necessary to make melatonin.) So when they recommended methyl B12 in their formula, they had a lot of credibility with me.

        As soon as I read this, I went out to the Internet and chased down everything I could find about benfotiamine. It is excellent for diabetic complications, retinopathy, and for reducing the pain of neuropathy (as in, burning feet.) It has an anti-glycation effect. That is, when blood sugar is high, glucose gloms onto proteins in your body, making them stiff and unable to do their work. It's an aging process. People talk about how we all get "carmelized" as we get older. Age spots on hands are an example of this. They contain AGE's --- Advanced Glycation End Products. Benfotiamine greatly reduces the production of AGE's. Worth taking for that alone, IMO.

        Hope you find what you need. Good luck with your feet. Much better to fix the tendency while it's still just a burning sensation, before it moves on to outright pins and needles, numbness with pain, and all the deary rest of it. Yes, a general B vitamin is also a good idea.